Administration and Business Management
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Administration and business management

In recent years the changes (and challenges) in business management have been tremendous. The possibilities afforded by globalization and the internationalization of companies adds to the opportunities generated by innovation and the application of varying technologies-- especially in the digital world-- both to generate new businesses and to radically transform existing ones.

Within this context, full of possibility and uncertainty, in our Administration and Business Management programme we continually design and renew our training programmes in order to offer you a solid foundation of knowledge, tools, and experiences that reflect the reality of the current market in order to help you have a leg up throughout your professional career.

Our focus
When it comes to Administration and Business Management at CESTE, we want to give you plenty of reasons to trust us to train you as you begin your professional career, improve your specialization, or jump to positions of greater responsibility in this very exciting field.
A continually updated offering of knowledge, tools, and experiences.

With this degree you will gain a solid base of understanding of the fundamentals of business management and its practice as well as enjoy a practical experience that closely mirrors the real world with committed facilitators who are, in many cases, professionals working in that field of study. You will familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of an entrepreneur or an executive, and you will acquire an important foundation of the skills you need in order to successfully develop your professional career.

Our university course, Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) will allow you to gain a solid base of knowledge about the fundamentals of business management and its application nowadays. You will also obtain an official British degree that is recognized in any European country.

Our official Master’s Degree in Business Management, will help you to dive into and enjoy a practical experience using the most current methodologies and to overcome challenges in scenarios that closely resemble the real world, while also obtaining an official British degree that is recognized in any European country.

For executives looking to make a professional leap in their careers, we offer our Executive MBA designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers who already have a large amount of experience under their belts. Our programme encourages you to combine this experience with best practices and management methods, reflecting, and applying what you’ve learned to your own business context. Likewise, we offer a more concentrated management development programme format thanks to our Senior Business Management Course (Curso de Alta Dirección de Empresa, CADE).

The most efficient and safe option

In addition, you need to also know some of the features that differentiate us from other places:

  • Here, we recognize your previous studies and your professional experience so that you can access higher degrees, without all the bureaucracy.
  • On your way you will be accompanied by a team of facilitators who combine passion and experience, and who are accredited by the highest level of professional certifications.
Innovation in business management

Can a company be managed today using methods and knowledge from 20 years ago? Does the world back then look anything like it does now? One of our goals is that you are up to date on the numerous innovations that have emerged in recent years both from prestigious academics and from the real world of business.

  • On emerging trends and business strategies.
  • In national and international finances, and management control.
  • In marketing and consumer behaviour sciences.
  • In entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • In human resources management.
  • In change management and in the professional skills that will shape the future.
Choose us! Choose the most efficient, safest and, probably, one of the most well rounded educational options.
Educational Programmes
Undergraduate Degrees
Administration and Business Management
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
This degree trains you to be familiar with and understand the most relevant aspects of business management and decision making in business, providing the most up-to-date knowledge, methods, and tools of business management, and a strong understanding of languages.
Official Master degrees
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
The Masters in Business Administration MBA is a programme for recently graduates which provides young professionals with a global view of business management and the opportunity to begin their professional career (through the ‘Plan de Carrera Profesional’ that CESTE provides to all of its students who aren’t already working). The programme provides a solid base of knowledge, tools, and competencies in the different areas of a business so that the young professional gains a sense of versatility which is fundamental in businesses today, while also allowing the professional, in their current job, to put into practice as much as possible their learning and acquired knowledge.
Executive training
Executive MBA
The Executive MBA is a Master’s in Business Administration especially oriented towards professionals, businessmen, and executives with a lot of professional experience. In addition to providing a global vision of the business world and encouraging the exchange of experience with professors (notable experts in their fields) and fellow students, our programme has an especially distinctive feature of fostering a didactic, daring, and practical human experience.
Senior Business Management Programme (CADE, in Spanish)
El Curso de Alta Dirección de Empresas (CADE) es un programa de desarrollo directivo con una extensión media, de 120 horas, estructurado en sesiones intensas dinamizadas por expertos profesionales y dirigido a directivos con responsabilidad y autoridad sobre la empresa, o sobre partes fundamentales de la misma, que deseen ponerse al día en las últimas prácticas de gestión empresarial y ponerlas en marcha de forma práctica.
'Concéntricos': New Challenges, New Leaderships Formats, and Making an Impact
‘Concéntricos’ is a methodology devised by Carlos Piñeyroa, the product of more than twenty years working in the field of people and innovation, which proposes a new leadership model and managing people and organizations.
(Español) Programa avanzado en industria agroalimentaria
(Español) Nuestro programa avanzado en industria agroalimentaria va dirigido a jóvenes que quieran emprender en el sector agroalimentario, a aquéllos que se encuentren cerca de tomar el relevo generacional de su empresa familiar, y en definitiva a todas aquellas personas relacionadas con el mundo agroalimentario que quieran profundizar en alguna de las áreas específicas del sector.
(Español) Programa avanzado en gestión de servicios de salud
(Español) El programa avanzado en gestión de servicios de la salud va dirigido a responsables de unidades de gestión, tanto en el ámbito médico como de enfermería, fisioterapia, laboratorios, farmacia, logística…, así como a aquellos profesionales financieros de instituciones relacionadas con el sector salud, que: no posean formación específica en gestión y administración, su ámbito laboral incluya la gestión de recursos humanos y materiales en cualquier escala en el ámbito de salud y/o trabajen en instituciones del sector salud de cualquier tipo.
Department coordinators
Daniel Martín

Daniel holds a degree in Business Management and Administration from CESTE Escuela Internacional de Negocios / Centro Universitario and University of Wales, a Masters in Banking and Finance, is a CFA© Level II Candidate, and is a Financial risk management 2016 FRM™ Exam part II Candidate. Financial advisor at Bankinter and certified as a European Financial Advisor (EFA™) from the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA). Development of business and financial market valuation. MEFF, Type III MEFF license from BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles). Specialist in advising financial models for entrepreneurs, Venture Capital and Private Equity, MBO (Management Buy Out) and LBO (Leverage Buy Out). Financial and business strategy consultant at GRUPO COMPASS. Business analyst and Director of finance at several companies in the real estate sector. Business development in different sectors. Innovative models at Fintech and valuation of start-up projects. Focus of valuation and investment round for Business Angels and investors, financial consultant for entrepreneurs.

Facilitators in the Administration and Business Management Department
(Español) En esta página se encuentra una relación de los profesores afiliados al área de administración y dirección de empresas. En muchos casos, bastará con que pulses en sus nombres para que puedas consultar su perfil profesional en Linkedin.

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