Scholarships and Financial Aid
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Scholarships and Financial Aid

CESTE has scholarships and financial aid through the ‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation) programme and for students with an outstanding academic record. Find out more about the options on this page.

‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation) Scholarships

The ‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation), Educación y Empresa will look at each scholarship request from students interested in studying at CESTE who have economic difficulties and a good academic record.

These scholarships are reserved for first-year Spanish students (or Spanish residents) and can cover up to 50% of the total cost of studies.

To apply, students must:

  • Send the request to including the reasons for the scholarship request.
  • Send an original or certified copy of any documents that corroborate the reasons for aide indicated in the application (i.e. family income, employment status of parents/guardians, etc.).
  • Provide the academic record of the most recently completed studies.
  • Apply before July 1st.
 Other available scholarships

University degrees

For the Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Computer Science programmes, we offer the following scholarships, Aid packages, and Professional Career Plans for “Academic Excellence”:

  • 15 Scholarships for new first-year students, up to 50%.
  • 5 Scholarships for the 3rd and 4th year of the degree, up to 25%

Master programmes

Scholarships to help students provided by businesses from the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’ for students enrolled in the Master’s programmes that carry out their Professional Degree Plan with them.

Previous students and employees of member organizations of the ‘club de empresas CESTE’

In general, alumni of CESTE programmes and employees of member organizations of the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’ will receive a 10% discount on any training programme offered by CESTE.

Friends and family of CESTE

Preferential economic conditions of pricing and financing available.


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