Bachelor in Business Administration | Logistics and Supply Chain
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Bachelor in Business Administration | Logistics and Supply Chain

With this degree (a specialization of our BBA degree) you will gain a solid base of understanding about the fundamentals of management and its best practices, with special attention paid to the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and enjoy a practical experience in scenarios that closely mirror real life, with committed facilitators who in many cases are professionals in that field. You will become familiar with the responsibilities of a manger in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain management, and you will acquire an important foundation of skills necessary to the successful development of your professional career.

Programme description

Bachelor in Business Administration

No university degree by itself can teach someone to be a competent entrepreneur or executive. That comes with experience, and then with further training. What our programme offers you is the ability to familiarize yourself with and understand the most relevant aspects of business management and decision-making, all while still being a full-time student.

CESTE, Carreras universitarias

Specialization in business administration

The purpose of this specialization is to train students who want to orient their careers towards this professional field, joining a company with pre-existing specific knowledge, and professional certifications adapted to international standards.

We offer you a multi-disciplinary training, based on a scorecard, oriented towards processes and projects, giving you analytical skills capable of collecting data and transforming it into information that supports your decisions and valuations.

The different aspects that you will find in this specialization are:

Start your university degree with a specialization in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain management which the Public Employment Service (Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal, SEPE) says is a field “lacking in professionalism, knowledge, and experience from the experts and those in charge of the different aspects of logistics”, underlining that “being a sector with great and growing innovation, it appears to have a shortage of important training, especially in the cases of directorial and expert positions, given that many of those professionals are trained in engineering, business administration, economics, etc. They lack understanding and experience in the details of supply chain management, mainly in planning and logistics design, but also in the activity on different levels of the chain. The field needs training especially in technology management (software, automation, telecommunications).”.

Official British Degree

At CESTE we follow the British educational model, in accordance with QAA standards (The UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) and supervised by the University of Gales (University of Wales). This model guides both the design and renovation of our modules and classes, as well as our educational innovation, always seeking new means and methods of teaching more effectively.

QAA, The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

In accordance with the British educational model, our methodology is:

  • Dynamic and constantly revised.
  • Innovative, applying the latest educational trends such as management simulations, design thinking, or role playing.
  • Practical in order for our students to develop their own understanding, procedures, and work styles.
  • Personalized, centred around small groups and attentive to the abilities and uniqueness of each student.
  • An authentic personal experience that encourages students to develop their greatest potential.
  • Modern, making use of the latest methodological trends () and current technologies and their possibilities (each student receives a laptop and the beginning of their degree programme as a work tool).

Enseñanzas Universitarias en CESTE


The BBA programme requires the knowledge of two languages with a high level of understanding. English and a second language of either French or German, in order to receive the degree. The aim is that the student finishes the degree with a C1 level of English as well as a B1 level of a second language.

International students

For international students it is necessary to have a minimum of a B1 level of Spanish to enrol in their first course. In the event that you do not already have that level of Spanish, the university offers the possibility of enrolling in an intensive Spanish language course to obtain the required certification. Once completed the student will be prepared to pass a C1 level exam from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Official British Degree
Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Business Administration
Logistics and Supply Chain
University of Wales
Titulación propia
Graduado Superior en Dirección y Administración de Empresas
Logística y Cadena de Suministro
CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios

The European Diploma supplement can be added to the degree. It is a document added to the degree that certifies the student’s training in order to be understood in comparison to the degrees of any other member state of the European Union, in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

CESTE, Allied with the university of Wales.

In 1994 CESTE wanted to give its university programmes an official and international significance. As a result, an agreement was signed with the University of Wales. From then on, students graduated with 2 degrees: one awarded by CESTE and another awarded by the University of Wales in the United Kingdom; the latter of which is an official British degree recognized in all European countries.

CESTE, A university centre accredited by the government of Aragón

CESTE is a University centre that is accredited by the Government of Aragón to teach classes conducive to the acquisition of a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Administration, in accordance with Decree 19/2000 of January 18th by the Government of Aragón (under the protection of Royal Decree 557/1991 of April 12th about the Creation of Universities and University Centres). CESTE is currently the only centre authorized by the government of Aragón where you can concurrently study this degree in order to start the transfer of the degree’s equivalency to the degree from the University of Wales.

Field(s) of Specialization
Logistics and Supply Chain

Few areas of business management have evolved as much as Supply Chain management has in the last 20 years in all aspects of its functioning—purchasing, advanced planning, production, distribution, or transport—and few businesses have reached their enormous potential to continue to improve their competitiveness and profitability.

Our department’s goal is to offer university students and professionals a practical and solid education which comes with the possibility of obtaining some of the most prestigious international professional certifications in this field.


Internships and professional development
All of our programmes for university students, both undergraduate (curricular and non-curricular) and official Master’s degrees, include the possibility for work-study opportunities at companies. Furthermore, you may also do international internships. Discover how.

Eva Almenara
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

When I finished high school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to study, and finally I opted into a training programme for an Honours Associates Degree in Management and Finance. After finishing those studies, I decided to go to University and looked at several options.

CESTE offered me the possibility of enrolling in the 3rd year of BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), accepting the credits from my Associates Degree, and I thought it was a great option. With two years from my Associate’s degree and another two from BBA, I would expand my education and would be able to get an official university degree at the European level.

I accepted the offer and today I am very grateful and proud to have made that decision and to have met the people that I met; great classmates and friends, and also great facilitators. The experience I had was so good that, a year after I completed the BBA degree, I decided to also get my Professional Master’s degree (Master in Business Administration) at CESTE.

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Scholarships and Financial Aide
CESTE has scholarships and financial aid through the ‘Fundación CESTE’ programme and for students with an outstanding academic record. Find out more about the options on this page.

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