Financial Planning Programme (PSPF, in Spanish)
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Financial Planning Programme (PSPF, in Spanish)

Preparatory programme for the EFP™ (European Financial Planner) certification exam, the highest certification from the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association) that will allow you to prove your knowledge and perform professionally at the highest level of this specialized field.

Programme Description

The course provides a deeper understanding to those professionals dedicated to wealth management and who need to offer integrated, multidisciplinary, proactive, and personalized advising.

The programme is oriented towards financial professionals that currently possess the EFA certification, and to professionals and students interested in Personal Financial Planning matters.


EFPA Centro de Formación Acreditado

EFPA Europa

The European Financial Planning Association (EFPA) was created in 2000 as a self-regulation initiative in the area of financial services in the face of:

  • The spectacular growth of personal, private, and private individual services, as well as financial advising, etc.
  • The European Union’s initiatives to strengthen protections for banking and finance clients, and to create a single financial services market.
  • The threat of extensive European regulation in financial services in general (FASP, MiFID, IMD, etc.) and financial advising, in particular.
  • The willingness to offer a professional response.

The mission of the EFPA is to work with every level of financial advising and planning professionals and the related institutions, supporting their respective efforts to catch up to the training and competitivity needs required by the market and legal regulations through determining and promoting professional standards, and awarding certifications to those who have acquired the necessary competency to offer financial advice to clients.
Currently the EFPA has certified more than 30,000 professionals in Europe. In Spain there are more than 15,000 professional associates.

EFP™(European Financial Planner)

Certifies the professional aptitude to do comprehensive work in personal financial planning at a high volume and level of complexity.

The exam to earn this certificate consists of two parts:

  • The first test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions about the material covered in the EFP Programme. In order to receive a passing mark, you are required to respond correctly to at least 70% of the questions (35 questions). Incorrect or unanswered questions do not subtract points. Duration of the first test: 2 hours.
  • • In the second part, the candidate should be able to demonstrate the ability to analyse and apply their knowledge of the materials covered in the EFP Certification Programme as well as those included in the annexes of the Programme (points 3 and 4) and which will consist of a practical scenario problem of one or various global practices about Financial Planning, where the candidate should be able to demonstrate their abilities and understanding in relation to the following aspects:
    • Collection of customer data.
    • Identifying their needs and possible solutions.
    • Make an analysis and recommendations.
    • Present the Financial plan to the client.

Who is this oriented towards?

  • Financial professionals who currently possess the EFA certification, or other certifications.
  • Professionals and students interested in subjects included in the Personal Financial Planning programme even if they do not have the EFA certification.
  • Advisors, consultants, portfolio managers, professionals of Societies and Valuation Agencies or other entities related to intermediation that require a solid education for advising and managing their client’s estates adapted to the new circumstances of the market.
  • Professionals wishing to establish themselves as Financial Advisory Companies (EAFI), a status recognized and regulated by the CNMV.
  • Additionally, anyone may take the EFP exam who also currently obtain the following professional certifications: CFA, CEFA, FRM, CAIA, CIIA, PRMIA, CFP (provided that they have been obtained within the previous 10 years of the EFP exam)
CESTE. Programa superior de planificación financiera (PPF)

Field(s) of Specialization
Banking and finance
Banking and Finance is a unique sector within the world of business. In few other areas has such rigorous research been carried out and so many tools and practical models been developed. It is a fascinating field that, of course, affects the way we live. This department covers both the operation of financial institutions as well as the operation of the financial part of private businesses.

Professional Coaching and Careers
Nuestro servicio de coaching, mentoring y carrera profesional, tiene por objetivo que los profesionales puedan desarrollar y sacar provecho a todo su potencial, ayudándolos a dar el siguiente salto en su vida profesional y adaptándonos a sus circunstancias a lo largo de su especialización, en el salto a la dirección de la empresa o al emprendimiento, o simplemente cuando necesitan reinventarse para volver a tomar el control.

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