Entrepreneurship and innovation
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Entrepreneurship and innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation are necessary today more than ever in every developed nation whose economic growth continues to outpace that of developing countries. Globalization, ground-breaking innovations, digital transformations, sustainability and the environment are all challenges which must be confronted, and which require new unexplored solutions.

In this way we work so that university students and professionals who entrust their education and training to CESTE can count on a solid base of knowledgeability and methods of innovation.

Our focus
From the department of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at CESTE, we want to give you plenty of reasons to trust us with your education in order to begin your professional career, improve your specialization, or be promoted to positions of greater responsibility within this exciting field of study.
We’ve integrated empathy, design thinking, and creativity into academic life.

Since the 2012-2013 academic year, many of our students participate in design thinking workshops, learn the fundamentals and creative techniques such as lateral thinking, and explore with us the most notable emerging trends in technology, business models, and consumer behaviour.

Our students work as a team on real-world business challenges

In both the final years of our undergraduate degree, as well as in the Master’s programme, it’s common for students to work together as a team to solve real-world business problems using various outlines and methods. The traditional case method is combined with in-depth research and innovative methodologies which encourage the exploration of new solutions through co-creation, collective intelligence, and creativity.

Choose us! Choose the most efficient, safest and, probably, one of the most well rounded educational options.
Educational programmes
Undergraduate degrees
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Official Master's degrees
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Master in Business Administration (MBA) | Entrepreneurship
The Master in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in Entrepreneurship, is intended to deepen and enhance the entrepreneurial competencies of recent graduates who are both considering beginning their professional career in an existing business as well as creating their own while at the same time allowing them, through the ‘Plan de Carrera Profesional’ provided by CESTE, to put into practice as much of their newly acquired knowledge and experience as possible.
Coordinadores del área
Manuel Badal

Manuel holds a degree in Economic and Business Science from the University of Zaragoza and wrote his thesis on Business Economic and Organizational Strategy Management. He is an expert in International Finance according to “Analistas Financieros Internacionales”, and has worked for General Motors España, Caja de Ahorros Inmaculada, and CESTE.

Manuel has been a part of developing projects and business alliances at the international level in Latin American countries (Panama, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil), African countries (Angola, Morocco, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, and Equatorial Guinea), Asian countries (China and India), and European countries (France, United Kingdom, Russia, and Belarus).

He also has extensive experience as a volunteer at non-profit, social, sport, trade union, neighbourhood, leisure, RSC (Responsibilidad Social Corporativa), finances, free time, juvenile and educational organizations such as Cáritas, Patronato Ánade, Campamento Virgen Blanca, JAC (Jovenes acción católica), Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca, CSZ-Proyecto Hombre, UGT, AAVV Romareda (Neighbourhood association), Fundación Ecología y Desarrollo, Fundación CAI y Fundación CESTE (Foundation).

Daniel Martín

Daniel holds a degree in Business Management and Administration from CESTE Escuela Internacional de Negocios / Centro Universitario and University of Wales, a Masters in Banking and Finance, is a CFA© Level II Candidate, and is a Financial risk management 2016 FRM™ Exam part II Candidate. Financial advisor at Bankinter and certified as a European Financial Advisor (EFA™) from the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA). Development of business and financial market valuation. MEFF, Type III MEFF license from BME (Bolsas y Mercados Españoles). Specialist in advising financial models for entrepreneurs, Venture Capital and Private Equity, MBO (Management Buy Out) and LBO (Leverage Buy Out). Financial and business strategy consultant at GRUPO COMPASS. Business analyst and Director of finance at several companies in the real estate sector. Business development in different sectors. Innovative models at Fintech and valuation of start-up projects. Focus of valuation and investment round for Business Angels and investors, financial consultant for entrepreneurs.

Carlos Piñeyroa

I’m living the dream, professionally and personally. I currently work at Init (www.theinit.com) as Director of Initland, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship System of Init. I have a long work history in a diverse range of businesses as director of Human Resources, Organization, and Management (Solvay Química, TUZSA, ITA, Cáritas, and consulting) although without a doubt my current focus is innovation, creativity, and further developing businesses. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with an average grade of ‘Outstanding’ and with an 'interesting' complementary education: Executive MBA from ‘Instituto de Empresa’ completed in 2012; Master’s in Human Resources, Master in PRL (Prevencion de Riesgos Laborales), Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, a specialization in Conflict Management, and a postgraduate in Legal Practices. Official English certification from EOI (Official Language School of Spain), and recently in French. Facilitator coordinator for the Expert in Restorative Justice degree programme at the University of Zaragoza.

Entrepreneurship and innovation department facilitators
On this page you will find a list of facilitators in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation department. In many cases, simply click on their name and follow the link to their professional LinkedIn profile.

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