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University students

With us you enjoy the best university model in the world without ever having to leave Spain: the British model. A model that allows you to open your mind to the world, expand your vision, learn from the best of the best, and convert diversity into opportunity.
British university education in Spain
The best university model in the world.
The world today is more global than ever before. To earn a university degree today is much more than knowing information. To earn a degree today widens the world, amplifies your vision, pick the best of the best, and convert diversity into opportunity. Our society deserves to enjoy the best university model in the world: the British.
At CESTE, we are committed to this goal. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to learn with the best European educational system, the British university model, which is consistently in the first positions of worldwide and European university rankings (4 of the 6 best universities in the world are British), and which is guaranteed by the high standards of the QAA (UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education).
At CESTE you will turn your undergraduate or master’s degree into a unique learning experience where you are the protagonist and can count on a faculty dedicated to your future, with a model that is always improving, overseen by an independent and demanding organization: University of Wales.
A model designed to set you apart
If you’re a student looking for the best school for pursuing your undergraduate or master’s degree as a way to set yourself apart from the tens of thousands of graduates who finish school each year, we offer a higher degree of language skills, particularly in English (bilingual classes), as well as technical and professional skills in direct contact with the business world.
The multicultural and diverse environment at CESTE, paired with the school’s educational innovation, a cornerstone of its model, is an enriching experience for students. In short, you can enjoy everything the British educational model and its official degrees have to offer.
University degrees
Check out our offering of specialties and university degrees offered both to national and international students. Discover the possibility of obtaining your official university degree whether you’re an experienced professional, or you’re a recent high school graduate.
Official Master's degrees
Consult our offering of specialties and official Masters for both national and international students. Discover the opportunity to gain you first work experience and an official British Master’s degree.
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Welcome to our campus
We are located in one of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of Zaragoza (Spain), right next to the Imperial Canal of Aragón, one of the biggest Sports Complexes in the city, and the Sagrada Familia Primary and Secondary school. Our campus is housed in its own building with classrooms, offices, work rooms, and our Residence Halls for international students.

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