Internships and professional development
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Internships and professional development

All of our university student programmes, both undergraduate and Masters, include the possibility of taking a business internship during the course of their studies for the development of professional career plans. Additionally, you can do an international internship if you so choose.

Internships in undergraduate studies

Internships introduce the student to the working world, empower them to apply the techniques they’ve learned, and motivate them about and continue their studies. They are considered a fundamental element of a professional’s education. Undergraduate students usually do 3 months of an internship, which can be started during or after the summer following their 2nd year of study.
Additionally, you may also do more than one.

Depending on the selected areas of specialization, the internship programme can be adjusted to contribute to the student’s specialization in their selected field and guarantee the maximum outcome for this active learning method.

CESTE, área de administración y dirección de empresas

Students will be able to do voluntary internships (from the summer of their 2nd year) and curricular internships (which will be part of their academic record).

Internships will generally be done at one of the business that are a part of the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’ (CESTE Business Club) with whom the University collaborates to maintain an active understanding of the type of professional that they require for their business.

Internships for master’s students

CESTE- Escuela Internacional de Negocios, through its Professional Development Services has signed Collaboration Agreements for the development of their student’s Professional Career Plans in their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with some of the most influential companies in the business community of Aragón, the large majority of which are part of the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’ (CESTE Business Club).

The objective is to promote the presence of CESTE students within the companies, with positions from which they can develop a quality Professional Career Plan with prospects for the future.

Internship programmes abroad

Thanks to the Agreement signed with AIESEC, CESTE offers the opportunity to do an international internship in more than 124 different countries. Students will be accompanied throughout this process by the university, providing the necessary support and information. Said internships could last between a month and a half and 18 months and it is recommended to have at least a B1 or B2 level of English. For more information about requirements, dates, or the ideal profile for candidates, please do not hesitate to consult with CESTE.

CESTE, Prácticas Internacionales

Professional development service

The Professional Development Service at CESTE aims to accompany the student on their professional career path, making information available to them and providing guidance in whatever situation they encounter. Students work in coordination with the tutors of each course.

CESTE, servicio de coaching y carrera profesional


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