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Testimonials from university students

On this page you will find some testimonials of people who entrusted CESTE to develop or complete their university studies, both Undergraduate and Master’s degrees.


Featured alumni

José Antonio, testimonios CESTE BSC
José Antonio Iniesta
Chocolates LACASA
Business Unit Director (Sales and Marketing)
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

I studied at CESTE from ’90-’95 which was when I completed my MBA. The reasons I studied at CESTE were primarily because it was at the time a pioneering school in Aragón, and very focused on the business world. The main focus at CESTE was to bring education closer to the reality of the business world.

One of my favourite memories was the treatment I received by the entire teaching faculty, and especially to have had the opportunity to be mentored by someone like Antonio Garrigues Walker, who also supported me in a number of initiatives even after I had completed my studies.

At Chocolates LACASA we continue to collaborate with CESTE through internship students. We continue to see that the training received at CESTE is very pragmatic and focused on the world of business. The fundamental advantage is that CESTE students leave with a perfect understanding of the philosophy of a company. It’s an advantage, and a strong one at that. It’s something that we’ve enjoyed and will continue to enjoy in the future.


Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Business administration and management

Eva, testimonios CESTE BBA
Eva Almenara
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

When I finished high school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to study, and finally I opted into a training programme for an Vocational Training in Management and Finance. After finishing those studies, I decided to go to University and looked at several options.

CESTE offered me the possibility of enrolling in the 3rd year of BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), accepting the credits from my Associates Degree, and I thought it was a great option. With two years from my Associate’s degree and another two from BBA, I would expand my education and would be able to get an official university degree at the European level.

I accepted the offer and today I am very grateful and proud to have made that decision and to have met the people that I met; great classmates and friends, and also great facilitators. The experience I had was so good that, a year after I completed the BBA degree, I decided to also get my Professional Master’s degree (Master in Business Administration) at CESTE.

Milagros, testimonios CESTE BBA
Milagros Castillo
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

I’m currently in my 4th year, and plan on doing my Master’s.

I did half a year of Information systems which included a class in starting a business and decided to do an advanced degree in Administration and Finance and one of the facilitators told me about CESTE and the reasons why I’m here completing my degree. From there I started to look for information about other universities and business schools because I was unsure, and being from Huesca it was difficult for me to step outside of my comfort zone.

I chose CESTE because they allowed me to transfer my credits from the first 2 years of my vocational training that I had already completed and because of their relationship with the University of Wales, which is a European university that issues degrees that are recognized world-wide. It offers very good professional internships and has excellent facilitators who work in the same fields that they teach which gives them a wide and realistic understanding to pull from when explaining real life examples and a true vision of the realities of the business world.

I did an internship at ‘ecomputer’ at Walqa, a company that sells and distributes computer parts where I was a web designer. After that, I was at the city hall of Huesca in the Human Resources department, and the year after that as the community manager at the CIEM (Centre for digital media development), and at that same centre I did a birdie (a programme for students who want to make their ideas a reality, something which excited me because I’ve always like entrepreneurship). CESTE really gave me perspective on business profiles, gaining a global vision, knowing myself personally and how to handle stressful situations, how to take away my fear of speaking in public, and to network as well as planning my goals at the personal and professional level.

Sofía, testimonios CESTE BBA
Sofía Quintas
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

I came to study an Associate’s degree in business and wanted to expand my studies

I did my 4th year of the Bachelor’s in Business Administration and in 1 year I was able to earn the degree since the British system recognized all of the credits from my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year studies that I had completed at public university. My integration into the school was great with students and facilitators, and I continue to keep in contact with all of them (both with teachers and students which makes me very happy).

The facilitators are specialists in their field and they give us many examples and personal stories which is why I recommend that people come to study at CESTE. I think it’s the best possible choice.

Agnieszka, testimonios CESTE BBA
Agnieszka Kowalska
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Studying at CESTE has been a good investment in the development of my working life. I completed a degree in Business Administration and an MBA. They provided me with practical knowledge and at the same time gave me a head start and prospects for growth in the world of business. Classes are very entertaining and include many case studies, which has made it easier to assimilate all of the lessons. The facilitators are also very attentive and professional. For me, it has been a very positive experience.

Andrea, testimonios CESTE BBA
Andrea Blanco
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
El Salvador

My name is Andrea Blanco and I am studying the BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) at CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios in Zaragoza (Spain)

Studying abroad is a very enriching experience, always full of surprises and good memories. It gives you the opportunity to understand a new culture, different types of food, meet people from other countries, and create wonderful friendships.

Coming to study in Spain has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. CESTE is located in Zaragoza, which is a city right in between Madrid and Barcelona. Zaragoza is very warm and has a long history, people are very friendly, welcoming, and make the stay in this city very pleasant.

With my Bachelor in Business Administration studies, the knowledge that I am acquiring allows me to point myself towards the future and preform as a professional. The faculty and administration at the school are accessible, sociable, and have helped to support me since the first day I arrived. Everything about the experience is better than I had hoped.

In addition, the relationship that CESTE has with the University of Wales allows you to get a prestigious European degree that is recognized world-wide. In the course of our studies we also take classes in foreign language, therefore having the opportunity to learn new languages which will open up huge possibilities for me once I finish my degree.

I feel that here they prepare you to face any challenges that come your way in the work place and to feel that you are capable of success.

Fernando, testimonios CESTE BBA
Fernando Ucelay
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)

My name is Fernando Ucelay and I will comment briefly on my short, but intense, experience at CESTE. I am a first-year student in the BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) and I could honestly only say great things about this University Centre.

The learning environment is very enriching and there is no reason not to come to class in a good mood and, above all, happy. As for the students, having people from different places and cultures not only allows you to open your mind, but also to learn about the world around you.

The facilitators, in addition to being high quality people and always being available to advise you, are professionals in the subjects that they teach, which is a fundamental sticking point for us.

In conclusion, at the school there is an excellent professional and familial environment. It’s the perfect place to complete your studies.


Bachelor in Computer Sciences (BSC)
Computer Science and Technology

Rafael, testimonios CESTE BSC
Rafael Gracia
Bachelor in Computer Sciences (BSC) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

I studied a Computer Sciences degree at CESTE primarily because I was looking for a quality education, both personalized and practical, that was taught by business professionals and could help me understand what would be truly applicable later in the working world. I understood at that moment that CESTE was the only place that could teach me in that way, and of course I wasn’t wrong.

I combined my studies during my undergraduate with internships, which were always related to what we were learning in class at that moment. Once I finished my Bachelor in Computer Science, I didn’t hesitate for a moment in also completing my MBA at CESTE. That Masters opened up the doors to me working in banking, once again thanks to the management of CESTE investing in professional facilitators who are well recognized in the field they teach.

Currently I work as a technology consultant at ‘ACTIO Procesos y Tecnología’, a company manage by Javier Retornano (also an alumnus of CESTE), further proof that the school’s teaching style is the right one to put students on the path towards a professional career in their chosen studies.

That said, I recommend CESTE both for their undergraduate, Master’s, and Higher Education programmes (as a former student), as well as for the solutions they give me (as an employer) when I need to bring more people into my business.

Victor, testimonios CESTE BSC
Víctor Torreblanca
Bachelor in Computer Sciences (BSC) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

I studied an undergraduate degree in Computer Sciences and my MBA at CESTE. Both in the area of computer sciences as in the branch of business, the school has a highly qualified staff that is always ready to share all of their knowledge with you. Therefore, they don’t limit themselves to simply teaching a class, but they also take care that you truly understand the class’ content.

Those were very happy years of learning and fun for me. Furthermore, their teaching format allowed me to do internships at companies and learn the real-world application of what I was studying.

Once I finished my studies, I worked in Barcelona and, for 4 years, I worked in Switzerland at an energy company. In my current role, I combine what I learned about Technology and Business at CESTE.

Without a doubt, I recommend studying at CESTE.


Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Eduardo, testimonios CESTE MBA
Eduardo Alejandre
Master in Business Administration (MBA)

I started studying at CESTE right after finishing my undergraduate degree. I was recommended to CESTE by a friend who had just finished his coursework and was very happy with it. I also ended up being very satisfied. I was welcomed by my fellow students and facilitators (who have showed a high level of quality). During the Master’s programme I was selected to do my internship at Adidas (of which I am very proud). I feel that all of this has given me exceptional work experience as well as expanding my education, which is why I recommend this place to everyone. I believe it is very complete and I am very satisfied with the decision I made.


Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

Luis, testimonios CESTE MBF
Luis Gil
Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

Overall a very positive experience. To highlight the most important aspects and what I liked most would probably be how deeply in depth you go in financial aspects such as currency markets, futures markets, and financial options.

As for the teaching staff, they have all had professional experience, and it’s very rewarding that those who teach the classes were professionals from private banks, finance departments from multinationals, etc. Another great part about the Masters programme is that many students (those who take part in the classes on financial advising and estate management in order to prepare for the EFA certification from the EFPA) are already working at finance companies and share their point of view, expectations, and experience. Last and most importantly for me is the opportunity to prepare myself for the EFA certification. The facilitators constantly follow your work to ensure you assimilate the information so that you can pass the exam thanks to the support, monitoring, and exercises. To conclude, I recommend this Master’s programme and my experience has been highly positive.

Alberto, testimonios CESTE MBF
Alberto Pérez
Master in Banking and Finance (MBF) and ‘Commercial Skills Development Programme’

Financial Advisor at the company ‘Mapfre Vida’.

My testimonial tries to explain my evolution and everything that CESTE has given to me. At this great school I took 3 postgraduate programmes after completing ‘LADE’. I was a crucial time for me to decide between 2 paths: to work or to continue my education to achieve the professional goals that I had set. I decided to invest in my education and begin with the MBA that CESTE has for recent graduates where I learned about managing a business, finances, Human Resources… basically all of essential knowledge there is to gain about how a business works.

Thanks to this postgraduate degree I have my current job and I could never thank CESTE and its facilitators enough for these results. Once this postgraduate was completed I decided to continue to invest in my education (approximately 33% of my income was reinvested in education to continue).

I did the Master in Banking and Finance where I specialized in the field of financing (financial markets, insurance, etc.), a field that is important to family economics, I deepened my knowledge of money management for my clients. The final postgraduate degree I completed, once I was promoted to team leader, was that of managerial and commercial skills in order to learn how to get the most out of a team of co-workers, which is the most difficult responsibility we have, and to motivate them in a way that allowed them to be happy working. I also learned important facets of after-sales management to get the most out of every transaction. I feel proud to belong to CESTE and I owe everything I have to them (my job, house, car…).

Mario, testimonios CESTE MBF
Mario Hernández
Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

I am very pleased with everything I’ve experienced and learned in the Master in Banking and Finance programme at CESTE, in which we had the opportunity to mix with professional experts in Spanish finances. I learned a lot in the Master’s programme, but, above all, what enriched it the most was the cultural exchange, the difference that exists in European countries, with Spain being the gateway to my understanding the rest of Europe.

I am very grateful to the entire administrative team at the school for all of their advising and attention since, for me, they’ve become family.

Andrés, testimonios CESTE MBF
Andrés Monzón
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

I am a financial consultant at ‘Grupo Catalonia Occidente’. Back in the day, I decided to complete my studies at CESTE. I chose the Business Administration degree and am very satisfied with my decision since form the very beginning I had the support of my facilitators in addition to the support I had for the development of my professional career. As a result of the internships I was able to work in different departments and was able to therefore see which one I preferred the most. I also decided to study my Master in Banking and Finance here.

When it came time to look for a job when you’re in an interview with the Human Resources representative of the company where you want to work they ask a lot of questions… Everyone today comes in equipped with a degree and one or two foreign languages but having experience from internships will make all the difference and it’s something that helped me greatly to develop personally and professionally.


Master in Communication Technology (MCT)

Miguel Ángel, testimonios CESTE Máster Tecnologías de Comunicación
Miguel Ángel Turmo
Master in Communication Technology (MCT)

I have been working for a multinational company as director of projects for different projects from large Telecommunications Operators and my job is focused more on the management and organization, since my company is mostly an installation company.

In 2012, I was affected by layoffs and had to make an important decision, look for work or re-train and re-brand myself for the new times ahead. It was clear to me that I wanted to complete some kind of Masters programme to improve my CV. In that way I found out about the Masters in Communication Technology (MTC) being offered by CESTE and nowhere else, I didn’t even find anything in the University that was that specific, in reference to new communications technologies. Finally, I decided to enrol and I think I made the right decision. I’ve acquired knowledge that allows me to be able to master and understand any existing technology from any telecommunications manufacturer, and I have a deep knowledge of many Cisco protocols and technologies, which has allowed me to be certified under the CCNATM programme.

On the other hand, the experience with my classmates was very positive as well. We began the course as people from different countries, which enriched the group that we formed. Above all, the group work made us work side by side to complete them and to complete the different classes.

The Masters is offered during the afternoon, to allow it to be done even if you are working, and to allow for the completion of internships with any of the businesses in the ‘Club de empresas de CESTE’. In my personal case, I was able to begin working after completing my Master, with my initial goal of re-branding myself and returning to the workforce completed to perfection. Without a doubt, the Masters in Communications Technologies gave me the necessary understanding to develop my present work.

Luis Abraham, testimonios CESTE Máster Tecnologías de Comunicación
Luis Abraham Fanovich
Master in Communication Technology (MTC)

One of my dreams has always been to study abroad. New technology has always been something that brought up a lot of curiosity in me, and fortunately, I was granted a scholarship from my country to study a Master in Communication Technology at CESTE. At that time, I felt enormously happy, but I never imagined how wonderful that year in Spain would be.

The team at CESTE, including facilitators and administrators, from day one offered me their friendship and support. I had the best facilitators, experts in each of the modules that I learned in the Masters, where I tried to absorb all of the information. The curriculum covered all of the most important topics in the field of communications technology, and how the work. Facilitators were committed to reinforcing our capacity for research, and in that way sped up the process of problem solving, whenever problems presented themselves.

CESTE has comfortable classrooms, labs that are always available where I spent a good part of the day working with network devices, a cafeteria, and a student residence.

As for Zaragoza, it is a charming city with many places to visit such as parks, plazas, restaurants, and museums. Everything works well, especially the public transport system, security, and organization. Furthermore, it’s a peaceful city and is the perfect place to live, with very kind and friendly people.

I’ve returned to my country, leaving behind many good friends in Spain, and feeling that my work was done. That year was wonderful, in which I learned a lot as a professional and as a person. Now, I’m back in my life in Panama, with a lot of enthusiasm and grateful for the best year of my life.


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