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Executive training

Here you will find our training programmes for executives created to help you develop all of your potential and to allow you to successfully overcome the next challenge in your career.

Professionals and executives
We offer you a solid offering of educational programmes to help you develop all of your potential and allow you to successfully overcome your next professional challenge. Our offering for professionals and executives is adapted to the challenges you face at the moment in order to allow you to develop all of your potential.
Specialties and programmes
Administration and Business Management
Executive MBA
The Executive MBA is a Master’s in Business Administration especially oriented towards professionals, businessmen, and executives with a lot of professional experience. In addition to providing a global vision of the business world and encouraging the exchange of experience with professors (notable experts in their fields) and fellow students, our programme has an especially distinctive feature of fostering a didactic, daring, and practical human experience.
Senior Business Management Programme (CADE, in Spanish)
El Curso de Alta Dirección de Empresas (CADE) es un programa de desarrollo directivo con una extensión media, de 120 horas, estructurado en sesiones intensas dinamizadas por expertos profesionales y dirigido a directivos con responsabilidad y autoridad sobre la empresa, o sobre partes fundamentales de la misma, que deseen ponerse al día en las últimas prácticas de gestión empresarial y ponerlas en marcha de forma práctica.
'Concéntricos': New Challenges, New Leaderships Formats, and Making an Impact
‘Concéntricos’ is a methodology devised by Carlos Piñeyroa, the product of more than twenty years working in the field of people and innovation, which proposes a new leadership model and managing people and organizations.
(Español) Programa avanzado en industria agroalimentaria
(Español) Nuestro programa avanzado en industria agroalimentaria va dirigido a jóvenes que quieran emprender en el sector agroalimentario, a aquéllos que se encuentren cerca de tomar el relevo generacional de su empresa familiar, y en definitiva a todas aquellas personas relacionadas con el mundo agroalimentario que quieran profundizar en alguna de las áreas específicas del sector.
(Español) Programa avanzado en gestión de servicios de salud
(Español) El programa avanzado en gestión de servicios de la salud va dirigido a responsables de unidades de gestión, tanto en el ámbito médico como de enfermería, fisioterapia, laboratorios, farmacia, logística…, así como a aquellos profesionales financieros de instituciones relacionadas con el sector salud, que: no posean formación específica en gestión y administración, su ámbito laboral incluya la gestión de recursos humanos y materiales en cualquier escala en el ámbito de salud y/o trabajen en instituciones del sector salud de cualquier tipo.
Banca y finanzas
Finance Training for Entrepreneurs and Investors
A course aimed at entrepreneurs and investors (of any kind), whose goal is to get, in only a few hours, an important perspective about the fundamental financial aspects that today determine the attractiveness of a new investment project. From knowing the types of existing financing options, through experimenting with the design of an economic business financing plan and with its key metrics, talking about the real and successful negotiations of certain cases with different types of investors, and using models for economically valuing each project.
Senior Financial Management (CADF, in Spanish)
The Senior Financial Management Course (CADF, in Spanish) is a directorial development programme with an average length of 120 hours, formatted in intensive sessions energized by professional experts and designed for senior executives, businesses, and members of businesses from governmental bodies and organizations with extensive knowledge of finance, with the aim of providing a global vision of the financial function of their company from a strategic perspective.
Coaching, mentoring, and professional degrees
Our coaching, mentoring, and career services aim to guide professionals as they develop and harness their full potential, helping them take the next leap forward in their professional life and adapting our work to their circumstances throughout their specialization. We also help professionals with the transition into company management, or simply when they need to reinvent themselves to regain control of their careers.
International Internships
Our international internships, which are one or two week long specialized seminars, are specific programmes which are taught at our Headquarters in Zaragoza (Spain), with the aim of deepening knowledge of an extremely interesting and relevant topic with an international perspective.
Ana, testimonios CESTE Executive MBA
Ana Marcén
Executive MBA

Before starting the EMBA at CESTE they should have warned me that I was going to have one of the most didactic, attractive, and prestigious experiences of my life. It was hard leaving every day when class was over and every day I was more and more surprised at the level of the professors and students. Learning like that is easy…

This EMBA has been for EcoMonegros03 as if they were teaching us how to write. Like when you open a double door for a breath of fresh air or as if every day we were running up the stairs two at a time. You leave the class thinking: “I need more. I don’t know how I could create a business without knowing all of this.”

It is simply a personal and professional experience that I intend to make the most of.

Note: Ana Marcén is an entrepreneur who has received several awards and who got a €40,000 investment in the 'Tu Oportunidad' programme.

Request for information and admissions
Our alumni
CESTE is an organization focused on people, and that is what we wanted to express when we included it in our corporate identity during our most recent modernization of our image. As an educational centre, the value that we place on our alumni community is incalculable, proof of which can be seen from the fact that we work intensely on our alumni project as it is one of CESTE’s 4 strategic areas.

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