'Concéntricos': New Challenges, New Leaderships Formats, and Making an Impact
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‘Concéntricos’: New Challenges, New Leaderships Formats, and Making an Impact

‘Concéntricos’ is a methodology devised by Carlos Piñeyroa, the product of more than twenty years working in the field of people and innovation, which proposes a new leadership model and managing people and organizations.

Programme Description

We live in a world in which Organizations face three main challenges:

a) Innovation: a new business fabric has appeared based on constant innovation, technological or not, which is transforming the world of business and the models of business (collaborative economics, technologies, etc.)

b) Digitalization: the majority of big corporations have begun the digitalization process which implies much more than just the introduction of apps or big data to their processes, but also a profound organizational change to respond to the new challenges of the marketplace.

c) Customer Experience: the client demands more than simply a price or a product, they expect an experience when they get a product or service. There is a revolution in the way that one receives the offer of a value.

Any one of these three challenges require more than “getting involved” from the people and teams of an Organization, they require a “commitment”. These challenges demand mental connections and a commitment in the make-up of the people that form the Organization as a whole, which goes beyond the completion of tasks, and implies something deeper which transcends the mere “doing”. It implies identity, a sense of belonging, shared values, creating in a collaborative manner so that each person is and feels like the driving force of their own Organization.

This method is based on the strength of the intrinsic motivation of each person as a driving force for an organization, which enhances the commitment of the people from within and shows appreciation all the time for the deep commitment of every person for their own part and for everyone else.

‘Concéntricos’ makes each person a spoke of the wheel—the Organization—which moves in a more agile and efficient, more consistent and congruent, way when the movement comes from within, from the axis, from itself (intrinsic motivation), than when it comes from outside (extrinsic motivation).

Five ideas describe ‘Concéntricos’: dynamic appreciation, collective authentication, intrinsic motivation, collaboration, and audacity.

Who is this for?

‘Concéntricos’ works in businesses where the talent, commitment to continuous improvement, and personal dedication is crucial for the excellence in performance and responding to the challenges of innovation, digitalization of the business model, and creating an experience for the client.

What will you get with ‘Concéntricos’?

A management system based on the alignment of values and objectives, which will ensure:

a) that staff will be motivated and committed to their results, which in turn will be the Organization’s results, and management based on trust, which will allow you to focus your energy on things that are more important than constant supervision and micromanagement.

b) that working for energetic appreciation and collective validation will create a deeper and unwavering commitment for each of the employees who form your Organization so that, together with one’s own responsibility, there will be a co-responsibility that, when used by everyone, eases the need for oversight and supervision from the Management and becomes a more personal and collaborative structure for responsibility and authority.

c) a plan of action, shared all the way from the planning phase to the implementation phase, but where the ‘doing’ is centred on the spokes of the wheel– the individual employees—so that they are entrusted with the responsibility and also the ownership of successes. This responsibility and authority allows for the best in people to flourish and respond to the challenges of innovation and better their service by allowing them the creative freedom to focus on what’s important: achieving results.

d) When ‘Concéntricos’ is implemented, employees are focused on what’s important, they feel that their work is recognized, and they perform at their best, they’re self-motivated, they create mental and emotional connections, and they allow the Organization to advance more rapidly and boldly.

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  • Shared identity. The person is in the centre.
  • A fluid structure. Collaboration and shared learning.
  • Deep conversations. Loyalty to what’s important.
  • Generating an impact. Setting goals to obtain results. Responsibility, authority, and creative freedom.
  • Empowering the individual as a spoke of the wheel. Empowering the being, and not only the work.

Field(s) of Specialization
Administration and Business Management
In recent years the changes (and challenges) in business management have been tremendous. The possibilities afforded by globalization and the internationalization of companies adds to the opportunities generated by innovation and the application of varying technologies– especially in the digital world– both to generate new businesses and to radically transform existing ones.
Within this context, full of possibility and uncertainty, in our Administration and Business Management programme we continually design and renew our training programmes in order to offer you a solid foundation of knowledge, tools, and experiences that reflect the reality of the current market in order to help you have a leg up throughout your professional career.

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