Official Master's degrees
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official Master's degrees

Consult our offering of specialties and official Masters for both national and international students. Discover the opportunity to gain you first work experience and an official British Master’s degree.

University students
Enjoy with us the best university model in the world without ever having to leave Spain: the British model. A model that allows you to open your mind to the world, expand your vision, learn from the best of the best, and convert diversity into opportunity.
Specialties and official Master's
Administration and Business Management
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
The Masters in Business Administration MBA is a programme for recently graduates which provides young professionals with a global view of business management and the opportunity to begin their professional career (through the ‘Plan de Carrera Profesional’ that CESTE provides to all of its students who aren’t already working). The programme provides a solid base of knowledge, tools, and competencies in the different areas of a business so that the young professional gains a sense of versatility which is fundamental in businesses today, while also allowing the professional, in their current job, to put into practice as much as possible their learning and acquired knowledge.
Banking and Finance
Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)
The Master in Banking and Finance at CESTE has been designed for professionals who wish to develop a professional career in the finance sector as well as the finance department of businesses and organizations in general.
Information and Communication Technologies
Master in Communication Technology (MCT)
(Español) El Máster pretende preparar profesionales con un alto dominio de las competencias asociadas a las tecnologías de la información, expertos en las tecnologías de vanguardia en el mercado, pero al mismo tiempo, capaces de adaptarse fácilmente a otros tipos de tecnología y proveedores. Estos profesionales deberían ser capaces de asumir responsabilidades en la planificación de tareas y proyectos, el diseño y la resolución de problemas.
(Español) Master in Data Science (MiDS)
(Español) El primer Máster en Aragón que une los conocimientos técnicos y la visión de negocio necesarios para triunfar en el área de mayor impacto y crecimiento en la actualidad y en los próximos años: la ciencia de los datos. El MiDS está llamado a ser el Máster de referencia en Aragón, y a futuro nacional e internacionalmente, por el nivel de su profesorado, la exigencia a los alumnos y la metodología del caso práctico utilizada. El MiDS cuenta con LUCA AI Powered Decisions como Partner académico y tecnólogico inicial.
Entrepreneurship and innovation
Master in Business Administration (MBA) | Entrepreneurship
The Master in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in Entrepreneurship, is intended to deepen and enhance the entrepreneurial competencies of recent graduates who are both considering beginning their professional career in an existing business as well as creating their own while at the same time allowing them, through the ‘Plan de Carrera Profesional’ provided by CESTE, to put into practice as much of their newly acquired knowledge and experience as possible.
Internships and professional development
All of our university student programmes, both undergraduate and Masters, include the possibility of taking a business internship during the course of their studies for the development of professional career plans. Additionally, you can do an international internship if you so choose. Discover how.
International students
In Spain you can enjoy the world’s greatest university model: the British. A model that opens your mind to the world, expands your vision, learns from the best of the best, and turns diversity into opportunity. If you’re an international student interested in the opportunity of completing your undergraduate or master’s degree outside of your own country and returning as a promoter of economic progress to your country and family, you’ll find with us that it’s possible to learn at the European level and with the quality that is guaranteed by a British university degree; all within a multicultural environment.
Eduardo, testimonios CESTE MBA
Eduardo Alejandre
Master in Business Administration (MBA)

I started studying at CESTE right after finishing my undergraduate degree. I was recommended to CESTE by a friend who had just finished his coursework and was very happy with it. I also ended up being very satisfied. I was welcomed by my fellow students and professors (who have showed a high level of quality). During the Master’s programme I was selected to do my internship at Adidas (of which I am very proud). I feel that all of this has given me exceptional work experience as well as expanding my education, which is why I recommend this place to everyone. I believe it is very complete and I am very satisfied with the decision I made.

Miguel Ángel, testimonios CESTE Máster Tecnologías de Comunicación
Miguel Ángel Turmo
Master in Communication Technology (MCT)

I have been working for a multinational company as director of projects for different projects from large Telecommunications Operators and my job is focused more on the management and organization, since my company is mostly an installation company.

In 2012, I was affected by layoffs and had to make an important decision, look for work or re-train and re-brand myself for the new times ahead. It was clear to me that I wanted to complete some kind of Masters programme to improve my CV. In that way I found out about the Masters in Communication Technology (MTC) being offered by CESTE and nowhere else, I didn’t even find anything in the University that was that specific, in reference to new communications technologies. Finally, I decided to enrol and I think I made the right decision. I’ve acquired knowledge that allows me to be able to master and understand any existing technology from any telecommunications manufacturer, and I have a deep knowledge of many Cisco protocols and technologies, which has allowed me to be certified under the CCNATM programme.

On the other hand, the experience with my classmates was very positive as well. We began the course as people from different countries, which enriched the group that we formed. Above all, the group work made us work side by side to complete them and to complete the different classes.

The Masters is offered during the afternoon, to allow it to be done even if you are working, and to allow for the completion of internships with any of the businesses in the ‘Club de empresas de CESTE’. In my personal case, I was able to begin working after completing my Master, with my initial goal of re-branding myself and returning to the workforce completed to perfection. Without a doubt, the Masters in Communications Technologies gave me the necessary understanding to develop my present work.

Request for information and admissions
Scholarships and Financial Aid
CESTE has scholarships and financial aid through the ‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation) programme and for students with an outstanding academic record. Find out more about the options on this page.
Request certificates, transcripts, european diploma supplement
If you are a student or alumni of CESTE, here you can request a certificate of registration, grades, transcript, or European Diploma Supplement (if you have completed a programme validated by the University of Wales), duplicate Diploma, etc.
Our alumni
CESTE is an organization focused on people, and that is what we wanted to express when we included it in our corporate identity during our most recent modernization of our image. As an educational centre, the value that we place on our alumni community is incalculable, proof of which can be seen from the fact that we work intensely on our alumni project as it is one of CESTE’s 4 strategic areas.

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