Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)
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Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

The Master in Banking and Finance at CESTE has been designed for professionals who wish to develop a professional career in the finance sector as well as the finance department of businesses and organizations in general.

One of the most outstanding features of the programme is that it gives students the opportunity to prepare themselves to earn the prestigious EFA™ certification (European Financial Advisor) from the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association) and puts them in a good position to earn the FRM® (Financial Risk Manager) certification from the GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals). CESTE is an accredited training centre by the EFPA and GARP.

Another particularly interesting challenge at CESTE is that it has come to participate in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, a unique opportunity for a select group of students who want to learn from the experience of industry leaders, and to compete with other students who are studying in some of the best finance programmes in the world.

Programme description

Our accreditations
EFPA Centro de Formación Acreditado
Global Association of Risk Professionals. CESTE. Academic Partner. Centro de formación acreditado
CFA Institute Research Challenge. CESTE. Academic participant

Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

The Master’s in Banking and Finance is aimed at Postgraduates of Universities and Business Schools who wish to develop their professional career in this field. It is also accessible for those over 25 years of age without a university degree and who can prove they have credible and equivalent experience in business.

The programme is focused on the development of professional competencies which today are demanded within the financial and banking sector, and in the field of financial accounting in a company. Companies demand professionals with a vision for business with a solid understanding of financial products and their taxation and who are capable of working as part of a team and empathizing with the client.

In short, it is a new programme with a vision of the future where specific knowledge is just as important as social and managerial abilities. The programme is aimed at both young people who wish to get their foot in the door in the financial sector, as well as those who recently joined their institutions and who need to widen their specific knowledge of Banking and Finance. It is also aimed at people who wish to create a professional career in the field of business finance.

Who is this for?

  • Postgraduates of Universities and Business Schools (preferably with majors in social sciences and/or with a minor in the economic-financial field)
  • Professionals from the banking sector and the financial department of businesses.

CESTE, Banca y Finanzas


The objective of this program is that the student gains a solid base of knowledge and competencies so that they can develop their professional career in two ways:

  • On the one hand, in financial institutions, with a versatile training aimed at private banking environments; both private and corporate banking.
  • On the other hand, in the financial departments of private companies, with special attention to the functions of investment and budget management, but with a versatile education in-line with the globalization of financial management.

The programme aims to train students to be able to attain positions of responsibility in businesses and institutions in a short period of time.
The general objective is set up in the following specific ways:

  • Understanding the function and practical application of banking products and financial markets.
  • Understanding the concepts and tools for the financial management of a business.
  • Training students in techniques and scenarios of financial and banking management.
  • Developing the management and administration competencies and abilities that are demanded by companies and financial entities nowadays.


The programme contents are structured into 5 modules and includes everything from basic material that’s essential for being able to take on the entire programme to experiences and case studies of management and advising clients.

Students are taught in a three-fold way that includes theoretical understanding and practical understanding in the field of organizational finance, financial services and products, and an approach to the client and market.

Likewise, we will work with students to develop a professional competency for managing and advising client and organizations in both the classroom as well as in real life scenarios when they are at their placement company while completing their internship (work based learning).

It is also worth mentioning that the curriculum includes the contents of the EFA (European Financial Advisor) certification from the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA). The programme includes specific preparation for that certification’s examination, which is increasingly demanded during the hiring process of this field, and for which CESTE is an accredited training centre.

Professional Career Path

CESTE- Escuela Internacional de Negocios, through its ‘Servicio de Desarrollo Profesional’, has ‘Convenios de Colaboración’ (Collaboration contracts) for the advancement of internship (work based learning) of those students who are enrolled in the Masters in Banking and Finance (MBF) in the most important companies in the Aragonese world of business, the large part of which belong to the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’.

The goal is to promote the presence of CESTE students within companies, with positions that develop their quality internship (work based learning) and has prospects for the future.

Official British Degree

At CESTE we follow the British educational model, in accordance with QAA standards (The UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) and supervised by the University of Gales (University of Wales). This model guides both the design and renovation of our modules and classes, as well as our educational innovation, always seeking new means and methods of teaching more effectively.

QAA, The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

In accordance with the British educational model, our methodology is:

  • Dynamic and constantly revised.
  • Innovative, applying the latest educational trends such as management simulations, design thinking, or role playing.
  • Practical in order for our students to develop their own understanding, procedures, and work styles.
  • Personalized, centred around small groups and attentive to the abilities and uniqueness of each student.
  • An authentic personal experience that encourages students to develop their greatest potential.
  • Modern, making use of the latest methodological trends () and current technologies and their possibilities (each student receives a laptop and the beginning of their degree program as a work tool).

Enseñanzas Universitarias en CESTE
One of our distinguishing features is the possibility of taking bilingual classes, entirely in English for a wide range of classes. Also, students are encouraged to present their work and projects in English, something which is absolutely necessary nowadays.

International students

For international students it is necessary to have a minimum of a B1 level of Spanish to enrol in their first course. In the event that you do not already have that level of Spanish, the university offers the possibility of enrolling in an intensive Spanish language course to obtain the required certification. Once completed the student will be prepared to pass a B2 level exam from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Official British Degree
MA in Banking and Finance
University of Wales
Titulación propia
Máster en Banca y Finanzas
CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios

The European Diploma supplement can be added to the degree. It is a document added to the degree that certifies the student’s training in order to be understood in comparison to the degrees of any other member state of the European Union, in accordance with the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS).

CESTE, Allied with the university of Wales.

In 1994 CESTE wanted to give its university programmes an official and international significance. As a result, an agreement was signed with the University of Wales. From then on, students graduated with 2 degrees: one awarded by CESTE and another awarded by the University of Wales in the United Kingdom; the latter of which is an official British degree recognized in all European countries.

CESTE, A university centre accredited by the government of Aragón

CESTE is an authorized university centre by the Government of Aragón to teach courses towards the acquisition of an MA in Banking and Finance, in accordance with the ‘Orden de septiembre de 2014 del Gobierno de Aragón’ (Under the guidance of ‘Real Decreto 557/1991 de 12 de Abril sobre Creación de Universidades y Centros Universitarios’).

Field(s) of Specialization
Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance is a unique sector within the world of business. In few other areas has such rigorous research been carried out and so many tools and practical models been developed. It is a fascinating field that, of course, affects the way we live. This department covers both the operation of financial institutions as well as the operation of the financial part of private businesses.

Internships and Professional Development
All of our university student programmes, both undergraduate and Masters, include the possibility of taking a business internship during the course of their studies for the development of professional career plans. Additionally, you can do an international internship if you so choose.

Luis, testimonios CESTE MBF
Luis Gil
Master in Banking and Finance (MBF)

Overall a very positive experience. To highlight the most important aspects and what I liked most would probably be how deeply in depth you go in financial aspects such as currency markets, futures markets, and financial options.

As for the teaching staff, they have all had professional experience, and it’s very rewarding that those who teach the classes were professionals from private banks, finance departments from multinationals, etc. Another great part about the Masters programme is that many students (those who take part in the classes on financial advising and estate management in order to prepare for the EFA certification from the EFPA) are already working at finance companies and share their point of view, expectations, and experience. Last and most importantly for me is the opportunity to prepare myself for the EFA certification. The professors constantly follow your work to ensure you assimilate the information so that you can pass the exam thanks to the support, monitoring, and exercises. To conclude, I recommend this Master’s programme and my experience has been highly positive.

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Scholarships and Financial Aide
CESTE has scholarships and financial aid through the ‘Fundación CESTE’ program and for students with an outstanding academic record. Find out more about the options on this page.

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