Mobile Marketing: Who we are? Where did we come from? Where are we going?
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Mobile Marketing: Who we are? Where did we come from? Where are we going?

(Español) CESTE. Marketing. Enganchados al móvil

No one can imagine going through life today without a smartphone by their side. Even more, we can’t fathom that there could be life without smartphones, even though that’s the way things were until very recently.

CESTE. Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Enganchados al móvil

This recent technological evolution, which began with the expansion of the internet and later of mobile phones, still hasn’t stopped and in fact continues. I’m not talking simply about the quantity of users, which is the case with the internet, but in terms of functionality and capabilities.

In 2016, for the first time, the mobile phone surpassed the computer as the main access point for the internet in Spain. We think that normally when a webpage is designed it is made for the computer, and the client evaluates it based on how it appears on the computer screen. Once that’s done, they test how it looks on the tablet or mobile phone, but as a something secondary, when in fact statistics show us that the approach should actually be the other way around. Of course, one cannot generalize and it’s true that more and more people are thinking about the mobile phone. Until very recently the term “responsive web” wasn’t familiar to us and now a website that isn’t responsive seems archaic.

The phones themselves have evolved to become touch screens through the increase in screen size and this has facilitated the functional advances, but also the advances have forced telephones to become bigger and bigger, it’s been reciprocal.

What would we do without the internet, social networks, or WhatsApp on our mobile phones? What would our life be like? We’d probably be more social, we’d return to talking more with our neighbour when we run into them, but on the other hand we’d have more trouble with many things in our daily life and we’d have access to much less information.

CESTE. Marketing. Mobile Marketing. Enganchados al móvil

And what about marketing? Mobile marketing 10 years ago was limited to SMS, MMS, and in some cases proximity marketing with Bluetooth. The first actions in these environments seemed like novelties to us and a bit intrusive, because businesses were “intruding” on something as personal as your mobile phone. Nowadays, mobile marketing is crucial within the marketing mix and users are much more receptive. We no longer see it as something as intrusive because we’re used to it, but there are plenty of ways to make an impact that we’ve come to “Demand”, and there are certainly some advertising formats that we simply don’t tolerate, especially display.

Online advertising and marketing have had to adapt in the last few years to support the mobile since, because of the internet, the functionality of smartphones, applications, and social networks present endless possibilities for businesses to reach users. These seem very comfortable in this environment and its already assumed that if you don’t pay for the tool, programme, or application, there will be advertisements included. It makes sense that the developers or businesses have to be financed somehow and it seems like the users understand that, or at least they don’t question it.

We are completely hooked on our mobile phones! According to a recent study by Nielsen, users look at their phone an average of 55 times per day, and every month we interact with it for a total of 37 hours and 28 minutes. A study by the IAB and another study by Nielsen revealed that since last year almost all users have made the use of the internet and social networks compatible with almost any activity, from watching television or working to shopping, playing sports, or even driving. Basically, it’s clear to see that if a brand wants to make an impact on users, they know where to find them.

We recently lived through the revolution of Pokémon GO and I mention it only for us to realize how capable the mobile is of revolutionizing the world in many aspects.

What will be next? It doesn’t matter, so long as we’re prepared.

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