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CESTE model

At CESTE, Escuela Internacional de Negocios, we offer you a different kind of educational model. For university students: official undergraduate and Master’s degrees framed by the best educational model in the world—the British. For professionals and executives: important and prestigious certifications, executive programmes and coaching services for you to overcome the next challenge in your professional career.

University students
Enjoy with us the best university model in the world without ever having to leave Spain: the British model. A model that allows you to open your mind to the world, expand your vision, learn from the best of the best, and convert diversity into opportunity.
International students
In Spain you can enjoy the world’s greatest university model: the British. A model that opens your mind to the world, expands your vision, learns from the best of the best, and turns diversity into opportunity. If you’re an international student interested in the opportunity of completing your undergraduate or master’s degree outside of your own country and returning as a promoter of economic progress to your country and family, you’ll find with us that it’s possible to learn at the European level and with the quality that is guaranteed by a British university degree; all within a multicultural environment.
Professionals and executives
We offer you a solid offering of educational programmes to help you develop all of your potential and allow you to successfully overcome your next professional challenge. Our offering for professionals and executives is adapted to the challenges you face at the moment in order to allow you to develop all of your potential.
Our history
On this page you’ll find a brief review of the history of CESTE from its foundation in 1987 and exploring its most relevant milestones, up until the present day. It’s an exciting story of entrepreneurs and business ventures in which notable figures appear; some of which may surprise you. More than anything it’s a story of people trying to resolve the problems of the society in which they live, investing in it their own heritage and efforts so that today, because of CESTE, they remain faithful to adapting themselves in an ever-changing world and going one step further than others would dare.
Welcome from the president
Our president welcomes you to CESTE and briefly explains you our vision and educational project.
Our team
A group of people committed to one common mission: to improve day after day in order to offer you the best educational model and help you to reach your full potential, at the same time as you are enjoying an intense human experience.
Academic relations and institutional prestige
Through our agreements and institutional prestige, CESTE has a presence in numerous academic, business, and social circles. Our objective is to enrich ourselves by collaborating with all of these organizations and to contribute our own vision for improving our society and future as well.
Welcome to our campus
We are located in one of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of Zaragoza (Spain), right next to the Imperial Canal of Aragón, one of the biggest Sports Complexes in the city, and the Sagrada Familia Primary and Secondary school. Our campus is housed in its own building with classrooms, offices, work rooms, and our Residence Halls for international students.
Welcome to our residence hall
If you are an international student who is considering enrolling in one of our courses, you should know that if you so choose, you can stay in our Student Residence hall. The Residence Hall is connected to our main building and is right next to one of the biggest sports complexes in the city (the Stadium Casablanca). A great decision for you to have an unforgettable experience.
'Fundación CESTE' (Foundation)
Working in the promotion, study, teaching and training in the cultural and professional field of the individual in order to promote their integration into the working world and their social development.

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