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Our alumni

CESTE is an organization focused on people, and that is what we wanted to express when we included it in our corporate identity during our most recent modernization of our image. As an educational centre, the value that we place on our alumni community is incalculable, proof of which can be seen from the fact that we work intensely on our alumni project as it is one of CESTE’s 4 strategic areas.

Our tireless work is aimed at helping our alumni to develop their potential and put their abilities to work. Regardless of the type of degree they’ve learned, we are always focused on the folks who have studied with us, whether it’s from the undergraduate programme, a Master’s programme, long- or short-term executive training, language studies, etc.

Obviously, there is more of an opportunity to improve the skills and abilities of students in a 4-year degree programme than in short-term trainings, but our promise to students is independent of the amount of time one spends here, but rather on what the person wants to share with us and involve themselves in the project.

Our work doesn’t stop there

We intend to be present throughout the entire working life of the people who have entrusted us with their education at any time.

To do this CESTE:

  • Periodically holds networking session where students can stay in contact and continue their education for free at training conferences to brush up on information.
  • Organizes annual meetings both in Spain and in the countries where our alumni community is growing (such as Latin America).
  • Shares advancements, achievements, or any other impacts that we come across or that are brought to our attention by any of our alumni on our social media networks.
  • We provide our alumni with an international discount card (Carnet ISIC). You can see the benefits provided by the card at www.isic.es

It is very important for us and in the future for our alumni to connect to CESTE on Social Media platforms because we grow together and the bigger and more visible the CESTE alumni community becomes, the more influence and recognition CESTE will have as an educational centre and the that the alumni will have as a professional.

CESTE. Salón de Actos

Of course, we take great care in your introduction into the working world. In this vein, students and alumni can access our Employment Portal, a tool that connects students and alumni of CESTE with the interests of various companies.

If you would like to register in our Employment Portal, you can download the user manual here.


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