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Welcome to our residence hall

If you are an international student who is considering enrolling in one of our courses, you should know that if you so choose, you can stay in our Student Residence hall. The Residence Hall is connected to our main building and is right next to one of the biggest sports complexes in the city (the Stadium Casablanca). A great decision for you to have an unforgettable experience.

The purpose of our residence hall

The Residence hall mainly serves international students who need a place to live during their academic course. Facilitators and professionals on temporary stay may also stay in the Residence Halls.

CESTE, Residencia. Estudiantes, profesores y profesionales en estancias temporales

A privileged location

The Residence Hall is right next to our main building and is part of the academic complex that forms CESTE and the Sagrada Familia Primary and Secondary school. We are located in one of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of Zaragoza (Spain), right next to the Imperial Canal of Aragón.

CESTE, localización de nuestra Sede y nuestra Residencia

Right next to the campus, you’ll find the Stadium Casablanca, a sports complex with fantastic facilities where you can enjoy and participate in numerous sporting activities (football, tennis, paddle ball, swimming, etc.) and which also has a heated swimming pool, a gym, and spa facilities.

CESTE, Residencia. Centro Deportivo

Our rooms and leisure spaces

Our rooms come with their own full bathroom and climate control. They are all on the exterior part of the building and have a lot of natural light and can be for one or two people.

CESTE, Residencia. Las habitaciones

We have communal spaces for having meetings, working as a group, or doing the exact opposite like watching TV, having social gatherings, playing games, or reading the newspaper. We also have a full café, vending machines (soft drinks, coffee, etc.).

CESTE, Residencia. Espacios de ocio y reunión

We also have a well-equipped kitchen, so that in the Residence you can make your own breakfast, lunch, and dinner, depending on the meal plan you’ve selected.

CESTE, Residencia. El comedor

Staying in the residence hall

The Residence Hall remains open during the academic year from September to June. Residents must be over the age of 18 and be willing to follow basic community standards for the benefit of everyone.

CESTE, Residencia. Estudiando

In certain circumstances the Residence Hall can remain open during Christmas vacation, Easter, and during the summer, but the use of facilities is subject to prior approval and comes with financial conditions different from the regular rates during the academic year.

CESTE, Residencia. Ocio

The Residence Hall can also be used for shorter periods of time: days, weeks, or months, depending on availability. If there is extra space, or during vacation periods, the residence is open to groups wishing to rent it out for different activities, serving as accommodation while participating in different sporting or cultural activities, or if you’re just passing through on your travels.

CESTE, Residencia. Habitaciones

An unforgettable experience

This is our Residence Hall and these are our facilities in which you can enjoy your studies to the fullest and have an unforgettable experience.

CESTE, Residencia. Una experiencia humana inolvidable


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