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Brand centre

This page will help you to apply our brand to different documents in a simple and high-quality manner. Here you will find the files that you will need to download, and instructions for how to correctly place them on the most common type/style of documents. Our brands are the visual representation of our mission and aspirations as an educational institution. Please use them in the way that you find most convenient, but always do so with respect and good taste.

Our institutional brand

Our brand for university studies: undergraduate and graduate degrees

Our brand for professional and executive training

Buffer zone

Brands require space to express all of their value. Please respect these minimum distances when you apply the brand. It’s a very simple rule to use in which the distance ‘x’ corresponds with the width of the star.

CESTE. Brand center. Área de respeto

Minimum size

Brands also need a minimum size to assure their legibility. We suggest a very simple visual rule. Please try to have the shield at least 1cm wide.

As a general rule, use the brand with the accompanying text (claim). Only in special cases should the Brand be applied to smaller dimensions. In these cases, it is acceptable for the shield to be no smaller than 0.5 cm wide.

CESTE. Brand Center. Tamaño mínimo
CESTE. Brand center. Tamaño mínimo. Aplicaciones espacios reducidos

Special use for smaller spaces

This special application is reserved for being applied to reduced spaces such as headers or footers in documents, in which it is impossible to follow the minimum size requirements included in this document for the institutional brand.

Special applications for different inks

In this section you will find special applications for use in black and white. As a general rule, please use print the Brand in colour, unless you need them in black and white for special circumstances.

Corporate colours

These are the corporate colours of CESTE. In your documents and other uses you may use different clouds if you wish, but if you plan to use them in a communication document in-line with the corporate identity of CESTE, you should consider using these colours.

CESTE blue
RGB 0/53/148 (#003594)
CMYK 100/75/0/6
RGB 213/0/50 (#D50032)
CMYK 0/100/72/0

Recommended application for PowerPoint

We suggest several options for putting CESTE’s brand in your PowerPoint presentations. The first use is a cover page without images. The second will help you to apply the Brand if you use a background image. Finally, in this block we provide information about where you should include a second brand (co-branding) in case you find it important to include it.

Recommended application for Word

We suggest several options for applying the CESTE brand in your Word Documents. The first use is a cover page without images. The second will help you to apply the Brand if you use a background image.

Water marks for videos

If you plan to create a video, the correct practice is to include the CESTE brand with its logo and accompanying text. We’ve prepared a transparent application in white (watermark) to make it easier for you to complete your work.

CESTE. Brand center. Aplicación mosca en vídeo

Our diamond

The diamond which forms part of CESTE’s logo conveys our aspiration for excellence. In this section we provide the image so that you can include it in your documents.


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