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Educational Centres

Every year we address a group of those responsible for the training and orientation of Bachillerato, CFGM, and CFGS (vocational training) students to offer them activities that we offer annually oriented both at facilitators as well as students, within the collaboration programme with Education Centres which CESTE has been developing since 1987 in our Community.

Our proposal

Every year we address a group of those responsible for the training and orientation of Bachillerato, CFGM, and CFGS (vocational Training) students to offer them activities that we offer annually oriented both at facilitators as well as students, within the collaboration programme with Education Centres which CESTE has been developing since 1987 in our Community.

We think that these activities can be of special interest to Bachillerato, CFGM, and CFGS (vocational training) students and facilitators since they cover one of the educational principles set out in the LOCE, Art. 1, i). “La capacidad de los alumnos para confiar en sus propias aptitudes y conocimientos, desarrollando los valores y principios básicos de creatividad, iniciativa personal y espíritu emprendedor”.

Our activities cover an interesting range of areas and possibilities. If you wish to know more about all of the activities we can facilitate (we can also design them according to the needs of the specific educational centre) or would like more in-depth information about any of these, you can get in contact with Olga Campos at

Activities at Educational Centres

CESTE, Carreras universitarias

Personal Development

  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Negotiation Techniques.
  • Decision Making.
  • Leadership and Teamwork.


  • How to create a Business.
  • Turn your passion into your business

Área de Marketing

  • The power of Marketing.
  • Advertising.
  • Communication: A Marketing Tool.
  • Market Research.
  • Marketing 3.0.
  • Improving performance with Google.
  • Neuromarketing.
  • How to develop a promotion based on its geographical location: Ambar and Piau-Engaly.


  • Financing for Entrepreneurs.
  • Stock Exchange and Financial Markets Workshops


  • Competencies, Abilities, Skills, and Attitudes in high demand from companies.
  • Selection Processes: how to approach a job interview.
  • Professional Guidance Workshop: Social Networks as a tool for job searching.

New Technologies

  • Videogame Development and Design with Construct 2.
  • Android Application Design and Development.
  • Design and Implementation of solutions with connected devices (HP Institute Program with Certification included).
  • Introduction to Social Networks.
  • Electronic DNI use.


  • How to learn English online.
  • English for Travel.

General Information

  • Visit CESTE: to familiarize yourself with a Business School and participate in any of the workshops at our installations.
  • Orientation: about the keys to selecting a University Degree.

Download our activities brochure

Experiential Education

Ceste. Centros Educativos. Experiential Education

Talent in Movement

The detailed activities form a part of the collaboration programme that CESTE has continued to develop with Educational Centres for more than 20 years. These activities are aimed at Bachillerato, CFGM, and CFGS (vocational training) students in the Administration and Finance and Technology branches of education.

Discover your Talent!

Know your talents and interests map!

The participant will better understand themselves, overcoming a number of challenges associated with different types of intelligences: verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, kinaesthetic, auditory, and special. At the end of each activity, each participant will reflect about what they really like and what they know how to do well and will learn how to integrate both of these understandings when they select their university studies.

Customer Raid

Discover the keys to consumer behaviour!

An urban scavenger hunt in teams, full of fun quizzes and hints that will be revealed through instant messaging. Participants will learn very interesting aspects about consumerism, advertisement, and customer service in relation to influential companies in Zaragoza.

Volunteering Challenge

A way to get resources for those who need them most.

Overcoming a series of challenges and riddles, each team accumulates points in exchange for kilograms of food for the social aid charity of their choice. This activity consists of an experience of working together with charitable ends, which introduces the participants to the keys to teambuilding.

Download our Experiential Activities Brochure

CESTE Languages

CESTE, Residencia. Estudiantes, profesores y profesionales en estancias temporales


The programme came as the result of a close pedagogical collaboration between the CESTE Languages Department and the Language Department of the Colegio Sagrada Familia, becoming an innovative and effective project for language learning.

Through this educational programme aimed at promoting the use of English, French, and German, CESTE provides students of Educational Centres with an excellent opportunity to get the most out of their foreign language studies.

The goals of “CESTE Languages” are the continuation and consolidation of language skills with a fully communicative approach. This is achieved through:

  • Smaller group sizes
  • Homogenous Groups (by level and age)
  • Classes taught by a qualified bilingual facilitator who is high specialized in the teaching of languages to young people.

The advantages of “CESTE Idiomas” are:

  • High quality classes without ever needing to leave the Educational Centre’s facilities.
  • Flexible schedules adapted to the student’s availability.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • The opportunity to take the Pearson Test of English.
  • The opportunity to take an Immersive Linguistical and Cultural Trip to England, which has been taking place since 1993, living with carefully selected English families and taking English classes daily.

Fun Weekend

For children in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade with the aim of providing their first language immersion during a short period of time while still being in Spain. The goal is to create the most realistic environment possible so that the children learn to let loose, communicate and be able to get closer to the Anglo-Saxon culture and customs.

Saffron Walden (England)

Since 1993, CESTE has successfully participated in a linguistic and cultural immersion trip to Saffron Waldon during the most of July. This programme is designed as a trip for both studies and for fun, and learning a wide variety of recreational, sporting, and cultural activities to complement the programme of English classes.

If you would like to receive more information, or to request a personal interview, you can call +34 976 568 586 or write to us at

New Technology Workshops


Videogame Design and Development with CONSTRUCT2

Create a videogame in 1 month with the Construct 2 programme, a tool aimed at videogame design that allows for easy and intuitive multiplatform exportation. You will learn to develop something complex and new aged like videogames through the use of high level engines.

Introduction to Social Networks

Social Networks hold an important place in communication today. This course aims not only to inform you of the most frequently utilized social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, but to also inform you how to use them effectively and above all securely.

Design and Development of Android Apps

A workshop oriented to all kinds of people, with little or no experience in programming, in which you will learn how to utilize a high-level application such as MIT App Inventor, a software that manages a system of blocks or boxes with the coding embedded within them, in such a way that only the pieces can fit together, which allows you to see rapid results.

Design and Implementation of Solutions with Connected Services

HP Institute Programme with Certification included. In this certification you will learn how to design a multi-device solution incorporating PCs, tablets, and/or mobile clients with internet connection in a small-to-medium sized business environment. You will also learn to install and configure the different clients that form a part of the solution and to administer to and resolve problems in the different clients that make up the solution.

Using an Electronic DNI (National Identity Document, in Spanish)

The DNI that the majority of citizens currently use allows one to perform Internet operations thanks to the digital Certificate that it has incorporated within it. With this workshop, you will learn how to use the Electronic DNI to identify yourself with complete and total security in applications that allow it.

Download our ‘New Technologies’ activity brochure

Requesting Activities and Information

If you would like to know about all the activities we offer (we can also adapt them to the needs of the particular centre as well) or if you’d like more information about any of them you can get in contact with us by pushing the ‘Contact Us’ button, or by calling us at 976 568 586 and asking for Olga Campos or by email at


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