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Education is one of the most useful tools for productively improving a business. It is essential to its innovation and competitivity in the current market. The education of its employees directly affects the quality of services that a company can offer to its clients.

Our promise

CESTE, The International Business School, offers Management Training for Businesses, offering services ranging from the timely organization of Training Courses all the way to the complete outsourcing of training. Our goal is to establish long-term business relationships and provide businesses with specialized agreements according to their needs. We are willing to offer tailor-made solutions and find the best possible outcome for you company, guaranteeing a high standard of quality, responsibility, dedication, and exclusivity.

CESTE Business Club

CESTE-The International School of Business, was born with a clear calling to the service of the business network.

Its mission is to train, advise, and guide the current and future managers of major companies and organizations, while collaborating in the further improvement of management both in terms of abstract strategies as well as concrete operations.

Therefore, it’s impossible to complete these objectives without close collaboration and direct contact with the businesses and institutions in our field.

As a result of these reflections we have been working with said institutions in order to offer a series of services and agree to exclusive benefits with those organizations who have decided to join the ‘Club de Empresas de CESTE’ (CESTE Business Club).

If you would like to become a member, please get in contact with us.

Benefits of belonging to the Club

Algunas de las ventajas que se ofrecen a las empresas miembro son:

  • Personalized services (Financial quotes on your training needs for free, special conditions for trainings, special payment-plan options for different consulting services, open training, in-company training, e-learning training, etc.)
  • Conferences relating to Current Events
  • Managing Training Courses for the Company through the ‘Fundación Tripartita’
  • Access to the ‘Servicio de Desarollo Profesional (SDP)’ (Professional Development Services)
  • The use of the Image of the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’ and its Members.
  • Access to CESTE’s class space and facilities for meetings, group work, and presentations.
  • Business executives may participate in educational activities.
  • Project proposals.
  • Access to Projects that are still in Development.
  • Support for Presentations of Professional Career Plans.
  • Social get-togethers with other Club Members.

It is also of interest to mention that belonging to the Club does not incur any cost to the business.

Seminars and activities

Since its foundation in 2004, the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’ has carried out different types of activities from time to time.
These activities can be divided into a few different areas: Seminars, Courses, Round table discussions and Presentations of your company to students, and Professional Career Plans.

Through these activities, CESTE- The International Business School has tried to fulfil one of its main objectives: to maintain a direct and fluid contact with companies and deepen the synergy between different organizations and members of the ‘Club de Empresas CESTE’. Thanks to these types of get togethers, which not only serves the companies as a forum for training and gathering current knowledge but is also a starting point for creating new networks and collaborative activities.


CESTE, as a business school, and because of its extensive relationship with the world of Business, carefully carries out the work of trainings aimed directly at businesses.

Training and continued education is a productivity tool that is essential to the development of any state-of-the-art business. It is essential for innovation and competitivity in the current marketplace. Training its workers correlates directly to the quality of service that your company provides to its clients. Because of this, our promise is to provide you with a professional service hand-crafted to your specific needs.

E-learning training

E-learning is quickly becoming the preferred option for managers and professionals who want to improve their professional abilities.
The methodology of CESTE centres around the student, and is based on the diversity of activities provided:

  • Autonomous learning.
  • Academic accompaniment
  • Traditional pedagogical methods and multimedia (texts, audio and visual documents, chats, forums, on-line work).
  • Practical exercises.
  • Self-testing.
  • Constant contact with expert advisors.
  • Exchange of experiences with other directors during the course of the seminar.

Each course contains theoretical themes, learning activities and case studies, which are presented in an integrated sequencing, inviting the student to read, reflect, and participate.

If you would like to participate in a training programme under the e-learning methodology, please get in contact with CESTE through sheet, by telephone at +34 976 568 586 or by email at:

Open training and ‘in house’ training

CESTE, The International Business School, offers Management Training for Businesses, offering services ranging from the timely organization of Training Courses all the way to the complete outsourcing of training, including credit-sharing with the ‘Fundación Tripartita’.

CESTE, The International School of Business specializes in Management Training and makes available to your company a vast amount of experience in Training Services ranging from the Definition, Planning, Execution and Assessment of Training Projects; whether they are large Training Programmes or short-term training activities.
Courses are taught at the company’s facilities or at our own facilities which are located at Paseo Infantes de España, depending on the needs of the client.

Professional development services

The CESTE Professional Development Service is a comprehensive orientation service in which proactive and reactive actions converge. All of the orientations are delivered from a base of analysis of competencies and based on the use of new business management models, which allows us to offer a state-of-the-art service.

The Professional Development Services of CESTE has the purpose of accompanying the student throughout their professional journey, making available to them information and providing guidance about how the current workplace in which they find themselves functions.

At CESTE service is promoted as the guiding principle to the growth process and professional improvement of the people we train, offering links between companies and our students.

National and International internships, Professional Career Plans, and assistance with job searches or employment changes are the pillars on which the Professional Development Service is based.


Our goal is to provide companies with professional service based on their personalized needs.

We offer extensive experience in advising and consulting, personalized and permanent attention, commitment, excellence, and ability to work. We cover all areas of business and the analysis of diverse business alternatives for a dynamic, changing, and modern world.

Our goal is to establish long-term business relationships and provide businesses with specialized agreements according to their needs.

We are willing to offer tailor-made solutions and find the best possible outcome for you company, guaranteeing a high standard of quality, responsibility, dedication, and exclusivity.

Business testimonials

Juan Antonio Gutierrez Gómez
Director of Human Resources at YUDIGAR
CESTE. Testimonio. Miembro Club Empresas CESTE. Yudigar
“For more than 10 years since we began our collaboration with CESTE, a collaboration that’s had many and varied aspects; from sending people from our company to receive different types of training, receiving intern students, collaborating with teaching various programme modules in different post-graduate programmes at the School, conferences, etc. In hindsight I can say that I am proud of the collaboration that we’ve maintained, I’ve always found dedicated and committed people at CESTE, with enthusiasm and projects, with a great amount of professionalism and knowledgeability about the current state of affairs of business, providing through its programmes a pragmatism and really realistic solutions tailor-made for our companies. I have always seen CESTE as constantly looking to improve and become more and more international. It is without a doubt a central reference point for the comprehensive training and education of young people in Aragón.”

Ricardo Almenara Román
Administrator/Manager at RIVI
CESTE. Testimonio. Miembro Club Empresas CESTE. Rivi
“We have collaborated with CESTE for quite some time now, both in training our salespeople and training students for their subsequent incorporation into the company. The education that is acquired favours the development of understanding and competency in these folks. I consider the work CESTE carries out through the curriculum it offers to be a great opportunity for graduates to integrate themselves into the labour market, as well as for professionals who are trying to recreate themselves professionally.”

Juan Lanaja
General Manager of BILSTEINGROUP España
CESTE. Testimonio. Miembro Club Empresas CESTE. Bilstein Group
“Since the beginning of the Bilstein group in Spain in 2005, a subsidiary for the Spanish market of the German multinational Bilstein group, a company originally founded in 1844 and dedicated to the production and sale of spare parts for all types of touristic and industrial vehicles, we have collaborated with CESTE Escuela Internacional de Negocios consistently, fluidly, and very fruitfully for both of us.

CESTE has collaborated with the Bilstein group in various recruitment and personnel selection processes, which have ended up in the recruitment of CESTE students, who because of their business training as well as their understanding and training in the business world have been ideal for positions that we’ve needed to fill in our company.

In the same way, throughout the years Bilstein group has participated in Seminars, Technical Workshops, and Discussions about Internationalization organized by CESTE in which we have been able to share our experience as the subsidiary of a multinational with the Aragonese business network and students at the school, as well as to express the needs that are covered by a business school like CESTE.

Recently a member of the company’s directorial staff taught up-to-date classes in the Undergraduate and Graduate courses at the School, sharing their experience and knowledge about subjects related to Sales Techniques, Sales and Marketing Management, selflessly offering the students at the School our daily vision of what we face from day to day.

In short, the long tradition of collaborating between both institutions is a great story of success and mutual benefit.”

María Fernanda Pérez Muro
Head of Selection and Performance Management on BANTIERRA
CESTE. Testimonio. Miembro Club Empresas CESTE. Bantierra
“Incorporating people into internships at Bantierra allows students to have their first experience, in the majority of cases, with the working world. Further combining the comprehensive education received at CESTE with the experience they gain during internships in our network of offices or in a department of Central Services grants them a level of personal and professional development that makes them very competitive in the working world, which they are well prepared for. For years Bantierra has been collaborating with CESTE and our experience is a positive one, both because of how easy their people have been to manage as well as their preoccupation with everything running smoothly.”

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