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‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation)

Working in the promotion, study, teaching and training in the cultural and professional field of the individual in order to promote their integration into the working world and their social development.

Fundación (Foundation) CESTE’s mission

The CESTE Education and Business Foundation was created with the firm goal of working towards the promotion, study, education, and training in the cultural and professional fields of the individual with in order to promote their integration into the working world and their social development. Its mission is to promote a culture of continuing education and social responsibility in each of the individuals in our Business Community.

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Fundamental goals

To encourage, promote, and spread all kinds of activities and studies related to the diverse fields of business activity, aimed at promoting the comprehensive development and integration of the individual into the working world.

To support and develop access to the completion of educational programmes and admission of the student, especially those who are classified amongst so-called ‘risk groups’, into the working world; as well as facilitating the re-education of those who have already accessed the working world.

Spread a Culture of Social Responsibility in the business world, uniting good will and channelling public and private resources to the development of programmes aimed at its implementation.

To support professionalization in those working in teams, giving them access to the latest technologies as a better tool for developing their work in their company’s department.

To encourage dialogue and the sharing of information with other similar institutions, stimulating joint projects between companies.

To create spaces for dialogue, reflection, and commitment to the future in the various socio-economic fields of development in our community, from the point of view of sustainability and equality.

‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation) activities

FORO (FORUM) GENTE CESTE: Scholarship programme, granting awards for excellence for students. Dynamization programmes from the Social Network of CESTE. Expressa Programme.

FORO (FORUM)DE EMPLEABILIDAD: PROYECTO DAR Y FENIX (The inclusion of women in the labour market who are handicapped or have other exclusionary risk factors in rural environments). SUBSIDIZED EDUCATION.

FORO (FORUM)DE NUEVAS TECNOLOGÍAS: Technology Olympics. Reatón Party Zaragoza. FORO EDUCACIÓN: Educational Innovation projects, Research Programmes, scholarships and aide for both pre-collegiate education as well as undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

FORO (FORUM) DE OCIO Y ACTIVIDADES TURÍSTICAS: Reflection days and educational programmes, focussing on the tourism and hospitality sector in Aragón.

Post-graduate programme in Management and Creation of touristic destinations and projects. ‘Instituto de Competitividad Turística’ (in collaboration with ARADEX) and the ‘Proyecto Cervantes’ (an initiative focused on the promotion of language tourism in Zaragoza and the entire Autonomous Community).

FORO (FORUM) ETICONOMÍA: Behaviour Management Seminar. Integral Company Project. Integral Leadership Workshop.

FORO (FORUM) FINANZAS Y EMPRENDEDORES: ‘Proyecto América, Europa Joven Emprende’. Cisco Entrepreneur Institute. Introductory Seminars on Entrepreneurship. EFA Recertification sessions.

FORO (FORUM) SALUD: Training in Clinic Management skills. Training for middle management in the health sector.


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