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Mission, vision and values


Students are at the centre of what we do and are our reason for existing.

To educate and form people with entrepreneurial spirit, who can compete facing the challenge of a digital world, who will serve society with integrity and solidarity, and who will be able to bring value to their companies, organizations and communities.

To develop learning experiences with innovative methods and a practical orientation in contents, abilities and competencies, which will allow them to develop themselves in their personal lives as well as in their careers.

We work to ensure and improve the training quality and by learning from the best, to make students more employable, and to put them at the center of their own learning experiences.


To innovate methodologies and commitments for the future.

We want our innovative, working alongside real requirements, contribution to education to allow companies and professionals from within Aragon to work further afield in other countries, where we can bring our programs to develop economic and social connections.

As a University, we believe our work is not just for young people but also for professionals who can find in us a place for continuing their personal development, where they can keep learning and improving their skills and professional possibilities.

Values and Culture

Our values and mission centre around the students – their development, and their self-guided learning process, are the way we work. Our environment works to the skills and commitments we are strongest in, and we develop based on this learner-focused mission and vision, advancing through the promotion of the following themes, taking into account our relationship with the UWTSD (University of Wales Trinity Saint David):

  • Collaboration through the establishment of a range of strategic relationships at regional, national and international level. Such networks will have the potential to inspire our learners, staff and partners to create exciting new learning futures.
  • Inclusivity through putting learners first and championing lifelong learning without barriers; and supporting students from all backgrounds and at all stages of their education. We support second chances and changes of professional careers.
  • Employability and creativity by harnessing the entrepreneurial, research, creative and enterprising skills of our learners, we can offer educational programs that allow our students to have the best opportunities to gain employment and develop their transferable skills.
  • Sustainable Development through a system-based approach to delivering meaningful and relevant educational pathways that promotes learning and social responsibility.
  • Commitment to collaborating in the development of the areas in which we work, especially in Aragon, taking care of the development necessities, building on their strengths and as a whole committing to this.
  • The concept of Global Citizenship through the development of further multi-national activities and opportunities for our learners, staff and partners.
  • With the support of our academic partners, developing research and its social impact.

We are a University that:

  • Adds value to the learning experience through a distinctive ‘system-based’ approach that combines traditional higher education with vocational, professional and academic research activities, delivered with academic rigour;
  • Offers a well-defined undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, which delivers distinctive graduate attributes in the areas of employability, enterprise, sustainable education and global citizenship;
  • Is dedicated to realising the potential of each individual student and to supporting students at all stages of their education;
  • Is pioneering new approaches to work-based learning and professional practice that enhance workforce and enterprise capabilities; and
  • Is committed to all aspects of sustainable development.

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