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At CESTE, we want facilitators who are great professionals with a solid academic foundation. We want folks who are committed and non-conformists, always willing to question the process, to be present every day and to be a team player to better themselves. We want facilitators with passion and the ability to teach, who are good communicators and who enjoy teaching. Above all, it is fundamental that they believe in education as a tool for bettering our Society and the future of newer generations.

Our educational vision

The world is more global today than ever before. To study for a university degree today means much more than simply learning lessons. To study is to open yourself to the world, widen your vision, learn the best from the best, and to turn diversity into opportunity.

At CESTE we believe that our society deserves to enjoy the best university model in the world: the British. Since 1994 we have been leaning heavily on this model.

CESTE, Prácticas Internacionales

The British model

The British university education system is probably the best university education model in the world. In the academic quality rankings, 2 out of 3 of the best universities in the world are British which is a surprising statistic considering that it’s a country where just over 60 million people live (0.8% of the world’s population), occupying the second spot on the list of countries whose citizens have received the most Nobel Peace Prizes (125, only behind the United States) Coincidence?


The British university education model, as tightly connected as it is with the business world and labour market, and as concerned with the real world as it is also explains the rich and historical development of professional associations in the United Kingdom (The Chartered Institute of Marketing; The Chartered Management Institute; The Chartered Institute of Credit Management; The Chartered Institute of Bankers; …), which at the same time promote some of the greatest international certifications and training programmes for professionals. Coincidence?

At CESTE we think that a developed society is thusly so precisely because it manages to take advantage of the talent of its professionals and we work to achieve that.

CESTE, Programas formativos para profesionales y ejecutivos

Being a facilitator at CESTE

At CESTE, thanks to the British model, we get professionals to commit to the educational model, meet higher standards of quality and demand, to plan and explain the contents of their programmes and evaluation methods beforehand, to question themselves and produce ideas that improve their academic competencies. It is a more demanding point that, undoubtedly, contributes to an additional bonus of quality to the education of students, and a bonus of value to the educational experience of the same facilitators that think that the university education is a two-way street of understanding and knowledge, no a monologue. We want facilitators with passion and a capacity for teaching, who are good communicators, and who enjoy teaching.


Professionals and executives
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