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Professionals and executives

We offer you a solid offering of educational programmes to help you develop all of your potential and allow you to successfully overcome your next professional challenge. Our offering for professionals and executives is adapted to the challenges you face at the moment in order to allow you to develop all of your potential.

Professional and executive education
Develop your full potential
At CESTE International Business School, we work for professionals who want to harness their full potential and advance to the highest ranks in their careers, helping them take the next leap forward in their professional life and adapting to their circumstances: from their first job, throughout their specialization, to when they become leaders in their companies.
Specialised training
For the professionals that wish to take a professional leap and deepen their specialisation, we offer the opportunity to obtain some of the most prestigious international professional certifications. In Finance, the our Advanced Programme in Financial Planning and Wealth Management and the certificates of the EFPE, European Financial Planning Association (EFP, EFA and DAF). In Technology and Information, the official Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle, certifications , together with other newer such as the Scrum Manager® certification.
Training for executives who want to give their business management a boost
And for professionals who are getting ready to make the jump to business management, we offer the most complete executive training programme: an updated review of all areas of business management through our Executive MBA, which can be supplemented further with our Senior Financial Management and Senior Business Management executive development courses.
Training to reinvent yourself and take control again
We know that the business climate sometimes forces professionals to rethink their future. We can provide the guidance you need to discover where to find today’s employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, create a plan to develop your potential along new lines, and specialize and regain control of your career.
Diplomas, certifications and professional acreditations
Here you will find some of the most prestigious professional certifications that will help you to prove your worth, develop your potential and allow you to successfully overcome your next professional challenge.
Executive training
Here you will find our training programmes for executives created to help you develop all of your potential and to allow you to successfully overcome the next challenge in your career.
Request for information and admissions
Welcome to our campus
We are located in one of the most tranquil and beautiful parts of Zaragoza (Spain), right next to the Imperial Canal of Aragón, one of the biggest Sports Complexes in the city, and the Sagrada Familia Primary and Secondary school. Our campus is housed in its own building with classrooms, offices, work rooms, and our Residence Halls for international students.

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