Coaching, mentoring, and professional degrees
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Coaching, mentoring, and professional degrees

Nuestro servicio de coaching, mentoring y carrera profesional, tiene por objetivo que los profesionales puedan desarrollar y sacar provecho a todo su potencial, ayudándolos a dar el siguiente salto en su vida profesional y adaptándonos a sus circunstancias a lo largo de su especialización, en el salto a la dirección de la empresa o al emprendimiento, o simplemente cuando necesitan reinventarse para volver a tomar el control.

Your professional development plan

The professional programme is full of challenges, opportunities, and risks. The key to overcoming them and finding the balance between your professional ambitions and your personal life depends on if you’re able to plan for the future and prepare your own professional development plan. .

At CESTE we will help you to prepare your professional development plan based on your personal characteristics, ambitions, experience, and your knowledge. Together we will design a pathway for you to successfully overcome the next challenge of your professional life.

Training and skills for launching you professional career

If you’re looking to begin your professional career, you’ll find that with us this bonus practical training is what you’re missing in your profile and that it will help you stand out from the tens of thousands of graduates and Masters that finish their studies every year. You will be able to contribute the following to your company when you start working: the understanding of the most modern business management techniques and tools; a new business culture based on collaboration, creativity, and innovation in business; a global mentality, without geographic barriers.


Specialized training for progressing professionally

For the professionals that wish to take a professional leap and deepen their specialization, we offer the opportunity to obtain some of the most prestigious international professional certifications. In Finance, the FRM (Financial Risk Manager) granted by GARP® (Global Association of Risk Professionals) and the certificates of the EFPE, European Financial Planning Association (EFP, EFA, and DAF). In Technology and Information, the official Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle certifications, together with the other newer one such as the Scrum Manager® certification.


Training for executives who want to give their business management a boost

And for professionals that are preparing for their next step up in business management, we offer the most all-encompassing executive training available, an updated review of all of the areas of business management, with the possibility of deepening, if your wish, in our specializations of Finance or IT.

CESTE, Programas formativos para profesionales y ejecutivos

Training to reinvent yourself and take control again

We know that sometimes the state of affairs forces a professional to rethink their future. With us you’ll find the mentoring that you need to understand where opportunities exist today both in employment and in entrepreneurship, create a plan for developing your potential in new areas, specializing yourself, and regaining control.



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