Testimonials from professionals and executives
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Testimonials from professionals and executives

On this page you’ll find some testimonials from professionals and executives that have trusted in CESTE to create training programmes and successfully overcome the next challenges of their professional careers.


Executive MBA (EMBA)

Ana, testimonios CESTE Executive MBA
Ana Marcén
Executive MBA

Before starting the EMBA at CESTE they should have warned me that I was going to have one of the most didactic, attractive, and prestigious experiences of my life. It was hard leaving every day when class was over and every day I was more and more surprised at the level of the facilitators and students. Learning like that is easy…

This EMBA has been for EcoMonegros03 as if they were teaching us how to write. Like when you open a double door for a breath of fresh air or as if every day we were running up the stairs two at a time. You leave the class thinking: “I need more. I don’t know how I could create a business without knowing all of this.”

It is simply a personal and professional experience that I intend to make the most of.

Note: Ana Marcén is an entrepreneur who has received several awards and who got a €40,000 investment in the “Tu Oportunidad” programme.

Alex, testimonios CESTE Executive MBA
Alex Teteris
Executive MBA

After several years working as a Personnel Manager in a multinational company, I decided that it was time to round out my education with a Master’s degree and, after evaluating different options, I opted for the Executive MBA at CESTE.

For me, studying at CESTE was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had, both from the working point of view as well as on a personal level.

The human and professional quality of the facilitators and advisors is unsurpassed. All of them are very knowledgeable in their subject. The best part of the EMBA are the practical examples that the facilitators gave that they personally had to deal with in their companies and their application to theoretical contents.

Since I completed the EMBA, my professional profile is much more complete. I’ve improved and applied the lessons learned in Personnel Management, Marketing, and Finances. This has also been noticed by the Directorate of my company and I have recently been promoted to other positions with greater responsibilities.

Finally, and especially in these times, I want to mention a phrase that a good friend and mentor of mine shared with me a few years ago: “Maintain your Marketability’. It’s important to always invest in yourself. And what better way to do that than learning from the facilitators at CESTE!

Ernesto, testimonios CESTE Executive MBA
Ernesto Gardeta
Bachelor in Business Administration and Executive MBA

The warmth of the working team, a focus on practical learning, an excellent world-wide vision of business, detailed study in their distinct fields, continuous support for the student, constantly updating materials, internships, a valuable network of contacts in the business world… these are just some of the advantages that I found at CESTE a few years ago when I studied Business Management and Administration (Dirección y Administración de Empresas). And those same advantages are the ones that I wanted to have at my side when, last year, I decided to consolidate my management training with an Executive MBA from the school.

Located in a the very pleasant Casablanca neighbourhood, this educational centre is one of the best in Aragón for completing studies in business and new technologies. In addition to that, the team at CESTE strives year after year to earn a place amongst the highest rankings at the national level and, for a few years now, also at the international level. Their excellent value-for-money makes it so that they remain more accessible than other centres with similar prestige and, for me, has already been a highly profitable investment in 2 different instances.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn.” This is what CESTE did with me; involved me in extraordinary projects that have done a lot to make me the persona and professional that I am today.”


Programme in Financial Advising and Estate Management (PSAF)

Fernando García, testimonio CESTE
Fernando García
Financial Advising Programme

“I’ve already had many universal banking jobs and wanted an education that would help me to refresh and deepen my present understanding. The quality of the faculty is really good since they are people who are in the day to day of their professional activities managing the same knowledge they’re imparting. This not only serves to refresh but to also widen my education and I can apply that in the day to day of my own work.

On the other hand, I opted for CESTE because of their in-person training even though in the beginning it requires more effort and sacrifice, but also requires a strong work ethic of you which is highly marketable in this line of work, not only because of the organizational theme but also for your companions since it creates debate and a “healthy argument” since I didn’t have the goal of passing the certification exam at the beginning of the course, but thanks to this dynamic with my classmates, I ended up trying and succeeded.”

Aitor, testimonios CESTE PSAF
Aitor Carlos Mozota
Programme in Financial Advising and Estate Management

My experience with studying the PSAF (Programme in Financial Advising and Estate Management) at the Escuela Internacional de Negocios CESTE has been highly satisfying since it has allowed me to grow my skills and knowledge related to my professional field. Furthermore, it has allowed me to obtain the EFA certification which is very important and valued in the field of Banking and Finance.

I’ve met facilitators with excellent professional and personal attitudes towards teaching and who have taught me important theoretical and practical lessons. The welcome from the very first moment was exceptional and the follow-up from teaching staff (both from a face-to-face and advising level) was continuous, making me feel involved in the entire learning process.

Without a doubt CESTE has made a mark on my current and future education.


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