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Information and communication technologies

We have worked hard to offer you the most efficient, safest, and, probably, one of the most complete training options in the information and communications technology market which includes the most solid foundational understanding as well as the most recent innovations (apps, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video games, and new programming environments). An offer thought of by professionals, for professionals and future professionals, without the bureaucracy.

Our accreditations
Microsoft Imagine Academy
Oracle Academy
Cisco Networking Academy
Linux Professional Intitute Center
Android Training Center
VMWare IT Academy
Scrum Academy
Our Focus
At the Department of Information and Communication Technology at CESTE, we want to give you plenty of reasons to entrust us with your education and beginning your professional career, helping you become more specialized, or advancing to positions of greater responsibility in this exciting field.
A training programme created by professionals, for professionals

Our university degree, Bachelor in Computer Science (BCS), will allow you to earn a British degree that is officially recognized in every European country.

Our official Master in Communication Technologieswill help you to deepen your specialization, while also earning a British degree that is officially recognized in every European country.

We’ve also worked hard to be able to offer you a wide range of educational programmes that will help you to earn the most internationally well-recognized professional certifications in this field and prove your professional worth. We will help you to study for and prepare for these certifications and you will even be able to take many of these examinations with us since we are an authorized examination centre for some of the biggest ITC organizations in the world:

  • Centro Certificador Autorizado Pearson VUE
  • Imagine de Microsoft
  • Cisco Networking Academy
  • Oracle Academy
  • Linux Professional Institute
  • VMWare Academy
  • ATC Android Centre
  • Scrum Academy
The most efficient and certain option

You should also learn about some of the features that make us different:

  • Here, we accept your previous credits and professional experience so that you can earn higher degrees without all of the bureaucracy.
  • Along the way you will be accompanied by a team of facilitators that combine youth, passion, and experienceand who are accredited by some of the highest levels of professional certification. Laboratories and individual experiences.
Laboratories and individual experiences
  • In the communications, our Cisco laboratory, equipped with many different devices.
  • In Virtual Reality, where we experiment with the possibilities of Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles.
  • In artificial intelligence and robotics, in our Lego A.I. Laboratory.
Choose us! Choose the most efficient, safest and, probably, one of the most well rounded educational options.
Educational Programmes
Undergraduate degrees
Information and communication technologies
Bachelor in Computer Science (BCS)
This degree allows students to learn about many of the most up-to-date technologies that are used in businesses today, as well as the theoretical background necessary in any profession to face the challenges that the world of business will require of tomorrow’s professionals. Our graduates have a wide variety of opportunities to enter fields ranging from Systems Administration and Communications to the world of Application and Systems Development.
Offical Master degrees
Master in Communication Technology (MCT)
(Español) El Máster pretende preparar profesionales con un alto dominio de las competencias asociadas a las tecnologías de la información, expertos en las tecnologías de vanguardia en el mercado, pero al mismo tiempo, capaces de adaptarse fácilmente a otros tipos de tecnología y proveedores. Estos profesionales deberían ser capaces de asumir responsabilidades en la planificación de tareas y proyectos, el diseño y la resolución de problemas.
Diplomas, certifications and professional accreditations
(Español) Curso de Business IT para alumnos no tecnólogos
(Español) El curso de Business IT para alumnos no tecnólogos, está enfocado a comprender y manejar el significado, la potencia, el uso y las oportunidades que brindan las nuevas tecnologías que están marcando la transformación digital. Asimismo, a la finalización del curso, el alumno deberá ser capaz de distinguir, comparar e incorporar en su empresa o en su área privada las distintas tecnologías que actualmente están disponibles a través de redes o cloud.
Professional Certifications in Information Technologies
We have worked hard to be able to offer you a wide range of educational programmes that will help you to obtain the most recognized international professional certifications in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, and to demonstrate your professional value. We will help you study and prepare these certifications, and you will also be able to take many of the exams with us since we are an authorized centre for some of the largest ICT companies in the world.
Marcos Desportes

Industrial Engineer. Facilitator and Coordinator of Computer Technology programmes at CESTE since 2000. Level 4 Senior Network Support Engineer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPC) (since 2007). Professional certifications: CCNP, CCNA Voice, VCP, NCA.

Facilitators in the Information Technologies and Communication Department
On this page you will find a list of professors in the Information and Communication Technologies Department. In most cases, simply click on their name and you can see their professional profile on LinkedIn.

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