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University degrees

Check out our offering of specialties and university degrees offered both to national and international students. Discover the possibility of obtaining your official university degree whether you’re an experienced professional, or you’re a recent high school graduate.

University students
Enjoy with us the best university model in the world without ever having to leave Spain: the British model. A model that allows you to open your mind to the world, expand your vision, learn from the best of the best, and convert diversity into opportunity.
Specialties and university degrees
Administration and Business Management
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
This degree trains you to be familiar with and understand the most relevant aspects of business management and decision making in business, providing the most up-to-date knowledge, methods, and tools of business management, and a strong understanding of languages.
Information and communication technologies
Bachelor in Computer Science (BCS)
This degree allows students to learn about many of the most up-to-date technologies that are used in businesses today, as well as the theoretical background necessary in any profession to face the challenges that the world of business will require of tomorrow’s professionals. Our graduates have a wide variety of opportunities to enter fields ranging from Systems Administration and Communications to the world of Application and Systems Development.
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Bachelor in Business Administration | Logistics and Supply Chain
This degree (a specialization of our BBA degree) prepares you to become familiar with and understand the most important aspects of business management and decision-making, with a special attention paid to the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, providing the latest in knowledge, methods, and business management tools, and a strong understanding of foreign languages.
Bachelor in Business Administration | Tourism Management and Hospitality
This degree (a specialization of our BBA degree) prepares you to become familiar with and understand the most important aspects of business management and decision-making, with a special attention paid to the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, providing the latest in knowledge, methods, and business management tools, and a strong understanding of foreign languages.
Internships and professional development
All of our university student programmes, both undergraduate and Masters, include the possibility of taking a business internship during the course of their studies for the development of professional career plans. Additionally, you can do an international internship if you so choose. Discover how.
International students
In Spain you can enjoy the world’s greatest university model: the British. A model that opens your mind to the world, expands your vision, learns from the best of the best, and turns diversity into opportunity. If you’re an international student interested in the opportunity of completing your undergraduate or master’s degree outside of your own country and returning as a promoter of economic progress to your country and family, you’ll find with us that it’s possible to learn at the European level and with the quality that is guaranteed by a British university degree; all within a multicultural environment.
University for higher education training programmes
If you have already completed Vocational Training (Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior) in one of the specialty fields that we have at CESTE, you can access the 2nd cycle of the degree (Years 3 and 4) and finish your degree in 2 years. Our experience in Administration and Finances, Information Technology, Logistics, and Hospitality and Tourism offers you a unique range of opportunities. Show your full potential.
University programmes for experienced professionals
If you’ve been working for years, your experience has great value in the British university system which allows for the awarding of credits for professional experience. You’re on your way towards earning a university degree in less time than you think and adding great quality to your professional career.
University programmes for those returning to university studies
If you left your university studies because you went to work or because the traditional university system wasn’t for you, we have a solution for you to finish your degree. The British system allows for the recognition of informal education and professional experience. Don’t give up on a bright future.
Eva, testimonios CESTE BBA
Eva Almenara
Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

When I finished high school, I didn’t really know what I wanted to study, and finally I opted into a training programme for an Honours Associates Degree in Management and Finance. After finishing those studies, I decided to go to University and looked at several options.

CESTE offered me the possibility of enrolling in the 3rd year of BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration), accepting the credits from my Associates Degree, and I thought it was a great option. With two years from my Associate’s degree and another two from BBA, I would expand my education and would be able to get an official university degree at the European level.

I accepted the offer and today I am very grateful and proud to have made that decision and to have met the people that I met; great classmates and friends, and also great professors. The experience I had was so good that, a year after I completed the BBA degree, I decided to also get my Professional Master’s degree (Master in Business Administration) at CESTE.

Rafael, testimonios CESTE BSC
Rafael Gracia
Bachelor in Computer Sciences (BCS) and Master in Business Administration (MBA)

I studied a Computer Sciences degree at CESTE primarily because I was looking for a quality education, both personalized and practical, that was taught by business professionals and could help me understand what would be truly applicable later in the working world. I understood at that moment that CESTE was the only place that could teach me in that way, and of course I wasn’t wrong.

I combined my studies during my undergraduate with internships, which were always related to what we were learning in class at that moment. Once I finished my Bachelor in Computer Science, I didn’t hesitate for a moment in also completing my MBA at CESTE. That Masters opened up the doors to me working in banking, once again thanks to the management of CESTE investing in professional professors who are well recognized in the field they teach.

Currently I work as a technology consultant at ‘ACTIO Procesos y Tecnología’, a company manage by Javier Retornano (also an alumnus of CESTE), further proof that the school’s teaching style is the right one to put students on the path towards a professional career in their chosen studies.

That said, I recommend CESTE both for their undergraduate, Master’s, and Higher Education programmes (as a former student), as well as for the solutions they give me (as an employer) when I need to bring more people into my business.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid
CESTE has scholarships and financial aid through the ‘Fundación CESTE’ (Foundation) programme and for students with an outstanding academic record. Find out more about the options on this page.
Request certificates, transcripts, european diploma supplement
If you are a student or alumni of CESTE, here you can request a certificate of registration, grades, transcript, or European Diploma Supplement (if you have completed a programme validated by the University of Wales), duplicate Diploma, etc.
Our alumni
CESTE is an organization focused on people, and that is what we wanted to express when we included it in our corporate identity during our most recent modernization of our image. As an educational centre, the value that we place on our alumni community is incalculable, proof of which can be seen from the fact that we work intensely on our alumni project as it is one of CESTE’s 4 strategic areas.

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