Financial Risks Management Programme (PSGR, in Spanish)
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Financial Risks Management Programme (PSGR, in Spanish)

A course aimed at directors and professionals in the field of finance and risks in both financial businesses as well as businesses in general, who are looking to broaden their specialization in an increasingly complex market that requires a specialization in risk management, beyond the basic understanding of the fundamentals of contingencies, transforming risk into a potential source of value for business and financial markets. The programme places students in a good position to earn the prestigious international Financial Risk Management certification, FRM® from GARP (Global Association of Risk Professionals).

Programme Description

Global Association of Risk Professionals. CESTE. Academic Partner. Centro de formación acreditado


  • 144 in-class hours at CESTE or the facilities of the client company in the case of in-house education services.


  • Know and understand the fundamentals of financial risk management inherent in the complexity of financial markets and products. The basic types of risks, metrics, and management tools.
  • Learn the role of a risk manager in a company, in corporate finances, and in government, as well as the need for a code of ethics and professional standards for conduct to avoid risk management mistakes which brought on different crises in recent decades, such as the credit crisis of 2007.
  • Gain practical skills in the wide range of techniques of financial risk management to create added value to the world-wide management of investment portfolios. Implement hedging techniques, concepts of Value at Risk (VaR), producing and evaluating different risk models.
  • Learn the modern theories about complex portfolios, markets, and financial products as well as the measurement metrics of profitability adjusted to risk, the management and quality of information collection.
  • Learn and understand the functionality and structure of OTC markets, foreign currency, variable income, fixed income, corporate bonds, public debt, stock futures, interest rates, forwards, standard and exotic options. The valuation of different products and strategies and their correct use.
  • Develop the applied quantitative analysis skills necessary for the analysis of scenarios and the management of financial risks. Presenting projections and volatility analysis of the profitability on the returns of financial assets, economic cycles, and creating different simulation models.
  • Carrying out hedging on fixed and variable income portfolios with different derivative instruments such as SWAP, IRS, and hedging strategies with exotic options. Risk management in financial institutions, consulting companies and rating agencies.

Who is oriented towards?

  • Directors that want to promote a culture of risk management and corporate oversight at their company.
  • Professionals in the field of finance and risk, from financial businesses in particular. Positions integrated into the risk departments of the financial sector of organizations such as banks and credit institutions, collective investment management institutions, venture capital funds. Risk management analysists, rating agencies and financial consultants.
  • Business professionals, in general, in departments of economic analysis, financing, and risk (treasury management, credit managers, planning and control, analysis and valuation of projects, and cash projections) who want to focus their career on an increasingly complex market that requires a specialization in risk management– far beyond the basic understanding of the fundamentals of contingency– and who generate a greater value in their company and financial markets.


CESTE. Programas Formativos. Banca y Finanzas. Programa superior riesgos financieros

Field(s) of Specialization
Banking and finance
Banking and Finance is a unique sector within the world of business. In few other areas has such rigorous research been carried out and so many tools and practical models been developed. It is a fascinating field that, of course, affects the way we live. This department covers both the operation of financial institutions as well as the operation of the financial part of private businesses.

Professional Coaching and Careers
Nuestro servicio de coaching, mentoring y carrera profesional, tiene por objetivo que los profesionales puedan desarrollar y sacar provecho a todo su potencial, ayudándolos a dar el siguiente salto en su vida profesional y adaptándonos a sus circunstancias a lo largo de su especialización, en el salto a la dirección de la empresa o al emprendimiento, o simplemente cuando necesitan reinventarse para volver a tomar el control.

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