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Senior Business Management Programme (CADE, in Spanish)

The Senior Business Management Course (Curso de Alta Dirección de Empresas, in Spanish) is a management development programme with an average length of 120 hours, structured into intensive sessions energized by professional experts and aimed at directors with responsibility and authority over businesses, or fundamental parts of the same, who wish to catch up on the latest business management practices and implement them in practical ways.

Programme Description

Senior Business Management Programme (CADE)

The course is structured into a series of modules led by prestigious facilitators, in which both the fundamentals and the latest trends in business management are reviewed.

Specifically, the course addresses:

  • Strategic business planning.
  • Managing organizational change.
  • Financial management.
  • Management control.
  • Marketing.
  • Segmentation and customer relations/satisfaction.
  • Human Resources Management.

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for managers with responsibility and authority of their business, o over fundamental parts of the same, who wish to catch up on the latest business management practices and implement them in a practical way.

CESTE, Programas formativos para profesionales y ejecutivos

Field(s) of Specialization
Administration and Business Management
In recent years the changes (and challenges) in business management have been tremendous. The possibilities afforded by globalization and the internationalization of companies adds to the opportunities generated by innovation and the application of varying technologies– especially in the digital world– both to generate new businesses and to radically transform existing ones.
Within this context, full of possibility and uncertainty, in our Administration and Business Management programme we continually design and renew our training programmes in order to offer you a solid foundation of knowledge, tools, and experiences that reflect the reality of the current market in order to help you have a leg up throughout your professional career.

Professional Coaching and Careers
Nuestro servicio de coaching, mentoring y carrera profesional, tiene por objetivo que los profesionales puedan desarrollar y sacar provecho a todo su potencial, ayudándolos a dar el siguiente salto en su vida profesional y adaptándonos a sus circunstancias a lo largo de su especialización, en el salto a la dirección de la empresa o al emprendimiento, o simplemente cuando necesitan reinventarse para volver a tomar el control.

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